After a challenging year, what feels luxurious is

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After a challenging yearthe basis for shutting down society will soon disappear., what feels luxurious is more obvious than ever - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

There was an interesting conversation on Twitter recently where the question was posed “What was one thing in your childhood that made you think someone was richProvincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry on Tuesday announced B.C.?”

The answers were incredibly varied and also very telling, reflective of an individual’s generation and socio-economic background.

I recall my mother thinking that avocadoes were a huge luxury, we were instructed to neverJimmy Carter leans over to shake hands with people ridin, ever touch them if she had one of these rare fruits in the fridge. I thought anyone who had a two-storey house must have been super wealthy, and an in-ground swimming pool was off-the-charts money. I asked a few of my friends what they perceived as being rich. One said a colour TVThe first cases came from Nunavummiut who had completed 14 days of isolation down south. Another thought eating out at restaurants was very grand.

But I always remember Mum raving about her new friendsThe province says all adult Quebecers will be able to register for vaccines by May 14 and receive their first shots by June 24., Jim and Effie, who were newly arrived from Greece and had moved into the Shire. “Effie is so sophisticated. She has the most beautiful home” Mum told me as we were driving over to the couple’s house for lunch. “Her hair is always set; she is a wonderful cook, and she has gorgeous hand-stitched linen lining all her cupboards”.

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