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Sustainable packaging has become an emerging industry in China.

as Chinese enterprises realize the importance of environmentally friendly sustainable packaging, a British company is celebrating the first batch of export orders for its new biodegradable polyethylene additive

cfn packaging has sold two batches of new additive biotheraner to China to solve the problems of waste plastic bags and packaging

the latest order was signed at the China International degradable plastics and degradable materials exhibition held in Shanghai last week

Peter wood, CFN packaging sales director, spent three days promoting degradable polyethylene packaging to Chinese enterprises at the exhibition. Peter said: This is a very meaningful business trip. As many as thousands of representatives attended the exhibition, and we received more than 40 product inquiries for BiotHER

and we have obtained a trial order confirming the purchase of 5 tons of BiotHER, which is very exciting. Peter said that China is still lagging behind in the degradation of polyethylene additives, but is rapidly catching up with the West

he said: everyone is very interested in degradation additives. Although they are nearly 10 years behind, they are rapidly catching up with the growth rate of 10% this year and are expected to reach 10.1% in 2011

because it is too early, it is difficult to estimate the amount of orders we can get. But this is enough to show that the order volume in the next two years will be very considerable

cfn packaging the first batch of goods exported to China were purchased by the company's agent, envision technology Ltd. One of the most important points of envision t Technology Ltd is a distributor of antibacterial, degradation and aromatic additives headquartered in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Guangdong

Kevin Lau of envision technology said: we have been the agent of CFN packaging for nearly one year, and we are very disappointed, but this is the first time that we have imported the biodegradable polyethylene additive biotheraner from the company

we supply goods to many Chinese manufacturers and expect biotheraner to be popular. It has good performance and will sell well in the near future. Jayson Clark, CFN packaging director, said that with the help of communication technology, the world is becoming smaller and smaller, which makes it easier for small family businesses such as CFN to export

he said: China has great development potential. This good momentum, combined with the country's increasing attention to environmental issues, has made China a huge consumer market for green products such as BiotHER


cfn packaging is a stable family enterprise, which produces polyethylene products for the packaging industry

biother is a new degradable polyethylene additive used to solve the problems of waste plastic bags and polyethylene packaging

biother begins to decompose when it meets sunlight, and heating can accelerate its decomposition process. Once these materials are decomposed into small particles, they will biodegrade into non-toxic residues within 12 to 18 months

biothane polyurethane, high-performance organofluorine, organosilicon, advanced ceramics, special glass, high-performance glass fiber, high-performance aluminum alloy, graphene and other fields have a high technical level. R sales have increased by 250% in the past two years

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