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The survey shows that the packaged food market is booming day by day, and Hong Kong brands have advantages in the mainland

[China Packaging News] a survey released by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (Hong Kong Trade Development Council) on the 30th showed that the mainland packaged food market is booming day by day, while consumers have more confidence in Hong Kong brands, and Hong Kong businessmen have advantages in developing the mainland market

the Hong Kong Trade and Development Bureau conducted a questionnaire interview with 1600 consumers aged 20 to 60 years in 8 cities in the mainland, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Shenyang, Nanjing and Changsha, and held six consumer symposiums in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Changsha in November, to understand the food consumption behavior and attitude of mainland consumers aimed at reducing VOC emissions, And their demand for packaged food

the survey results show that mainland consumers tend to buy more packaged food and have stronger brand awareness than before. Among them, 81% of the respondents said that they now buy more packaged food than before; 62% of the respondents tend to buy packaged food of well-known brands; 60% of the respondents said that they would be affected by some well-known imported brands. We have reason to believe that we have higher interest in similar products from the same origin

the survey results also show that Hong Kong has a good market image with strict quality supervision. 72% of the respondents agree that Hong Kong is an international metropolis integrating Eastern and Western food cultures, with more choices of tastes; 76% of the respondents believed that Hong Kong has strict supervision and that the food made in Hong Kong is safer and more secure

Huang xingbiao, chief economist for Greater China at the Hong Kong Trade and Development Bureau, said that the urbanized lifestyle and rising income have driven the continued expansion of the mainland packaged food market. At the same time, mainland consumers' attention to food safety, quality and other aspects has increased rapidly, and brand has become the symbol of quality judgment, and more and more attention and tendency to buy brand products

Huang xingbiao believes that with the increase of mainland tourists to Hong Kong in recent years, mainland consumers generally believe that Hong Kong has richer food flavors to choose from, and Hong Kong businessmen know the needs of the mainland market better, so Hong Kong is an ideal platform to promote products

he also said that mainland consumers certainly have strong confidence in packaged food made in Hong Kong, and also have a certain trust in Hong Kong brands not made in Hong Kong. Hong Kong businessmen should make good use of these advantages, establish a brand image in the hearts of mainland consumers, and develop an increasingly booming packaged food market

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