The hottest suwu futures will test the 22000 point

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Suwu Futures: HuJiao will test the 22000 point integer barrier

[futures market]

on September 9, HuJiao ru0811 currently closed at 22205, down 680 from the settlement price on September 8, and its position decreased by 4758 to 70900 hands. The total number of multiple orders in the top 20 is more than 2548 empty orders, accounting for 57% and 50% of the total unilateral positions in 811 contracts respectively; TOCOM benchmark February RSS3 contract closed down 7.1 yen to 306.8 yen/kg

[spot market]

on September 9, the average price of China rubber scr5/5 # standard glue was 26418 yuan/ton, up 34 yuan from September 8. In the second quarter, the growth rate converged, but there was no spot transaction (on September 4, the transaction was 60 tons, and the average price was 26020 yuan/ton); The price of spot rubber in Asia (22305,70.00,0.31%, bar) fell on Tuesday. The RSS3 quotation of Thai No. 3 cigarette rubber shipped in September fell by 3 cents to 295 cents/kg. Calculated at the tariff rate of 5%, its duty paid price was about 25210 yuan/ton, and the warehouse receipt cost in Shanghai was 25380 yuan/ton


the Constitutional Court of Thailand ruled on the afternoon of September 9 that Samak presided over cooking TV programs after becoming Prime Minister of Thailand, which violated the constitution. According to Article 182 of the constitution, Samak was immediately deprived of his post as prime minister

[investment analysis]

at present, the Tianjiao market is dominated by a short-term atmosphere. The weak trend of crude oil and synthetic rubber continues to bring downward pressure to Tianjiao, but there are also short-term supporting factors below it, including: rainfall continues to hinder the rubber cutting in southern Thailand and northern Malaysia; The political situation in Thailand is still volatile, but due to the continued support of some shortages, although there is no serious report of transportation and shipment delays

on the whole, Shanghai Jiaotong medium and short term should maintain a weak thinking of oscillation, and the core operating range is at point. Due to the difficulty of operation at present, investors need to strictly control their positions, and short-term operation is appropriate. If today's futures price falls below yesterday's low of 22020, the early empty orders can continue to be held cautiously

"as for whether the ru809 bulls will change to ru811, and then continue to support Shanghai Jiaotong, this may exist, but from the position ranking of the last period, this sign is not obvious for the time being. Since July, while the top 20 long positions of ru809 have been decreasing, the top 20 long positions of ru811 have not increased significantly, and investors need to continue to observe

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