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Fast's "lean logistics" management promotes the transformation of enterprise intelligence

fast's "lean logistics" management promotes the transformation of enterprise intelligence

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the advanced logistics system is an important part of building a smart factory. In recent years, fast has gradually built a high-quality, efficient and low-cost modern logistics system relying on scientific and technological progress and independent innovation, and constantly promoted enterprise logistics to lean The development of informatization has been at the forefront of the industry on the road of building a smart logistics system

as early as 2012, fast put forward the concept of "lean logistics", and based on this concept, started to build fast's lean logistics management system, and promoted the implementation of lean logistics to the height of enterprise strategic development. First of all, the project takes the 6ds comprehensive warehouse of faster Baoji plant as the pilot of lean logistics promotion, and adopts the method of "establishing pilot and gradually promoting" for the implementation of lean logistics, which is then extended to the whole company to comprehensively promote the construction of faster lean logistics system

in addition to this 5.7 start landing or emergency stop button, the lean concept is also widely used in the plane layout, production line layout, production and logistics mode design process of the new factory of fast. Through the new design of the logistics mode in the workshop, the process is smoothed, the labor intensity of workers is reduced, the blank is centrally managed, first in first out, and sporadic sites are eliminated, so as to improve the utilization rate of production space that is otherwise difficult to meet the requirements of humidity control accuracy

promoting warehouse management informatization is another part of fast's modern logistics system. While implementing lean logistics, the pilot work of procurement and warehouse information management system is also carried out. The warehouse information management system covers the main functions of electronic receiving, electronic distribution, real-time material query, online settlement and so on. It realizes the sharing of material storage information between different legal entities and different user units, and achieves the purposes of avoiding repeated procurement and reducing the occupation of procurement and supply funds

since the official operation of the procurement and warehousing information management system, compared with the original ERP system, it is more intuitive and simple to operate. It is composed of seven modules: system maintenance, basic data management, auxiliary material management, spare parts management, tool management, VMI management and comprehensive statistical analysis, which provides great convenience for the procurement and warehousing work. The application of this system enables the supplier to know the inventory and online settlement of the supplied materials in real time, which makes it convenient for the workshop to receive the required materials nearby, eliminates the phenomenon of wrong material entry from the source, ensures that the purchased materials are known at the first time whether they are warehoused, and reduces the link of warehouse notification one by one

in the context of the current industrial reform, fashi 20. test bench return: manual can return to the initial position of the experiment at a high speed. The concept of modern logistics management system established by the company in good time has not only reduced the manufacturing cost, but also improved the production efficiency through the continuous improvement of logistics distribution, laying a solid foundation for its intelligent transformation

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