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Sustainable packaging has become a new favorite of brand owners. Editor's note: packers have a clear understanding of the concept of sustainable packaging, but people still have doubts about it. Throughout the European and American markets, consumer packaging manufacturers, brand owners and retailers have a new understanding of the concept of sustainable packaging, and their recognition of sustainable packaging has also increased significantly over last year

ptis conducted a survey on 36 Fortune 500 enterprises in nine end product markets in September this year, commonly known as cold board. The respondents mainly came from the fields of packaging management and brand management

When talking about sustainable packaging, two thirds of the respondents have a clear understanding of this concept, and 75% of the respondents said that sustainable packaging plays a vital role in increasing their business

the general manager of a packaging enterprise said: sustainable packaging can meet the requirements of products for packaging performance and meet the personal preferences of consumers and customers. This is very important, but it is not the only factor we consider

another researcher in charge of sustainability and global technology development added: the reason why we don't have a high degree of cooperation and use sustainable packaging is entirely because of Wal Mart. We found that European regulations may slowly penetrate into the United States. Therefore, we want to take measures in advance

at present, the number of people supporting sustainable packaging is increasing, but before it is widely used, it must reduce its own cost and win the trust of consumers. One third of the respondents believe that sustainable packaging can have a positive impact on their return on investment, and many people believe that only by receiving more education can they promote the development of sustainable packaging

ptis' previous and current survey results show that most people (55%) believe that there is no unified model for sustainable packaging. A senior packaging engineer said: it is for special products, so we must be good at understanding the product that yield value plays a very important role in material mechanical property experiments. Some packages that look good may cause damage to the product. 15% of the respondents believe that flexible packaging and folding cartons are the best carriers for sustainable packaging, and 3% of the respondents believe that plastic and corrugated materials are the most suitable for sustainable packaging

some people claim that flexible packaging is the best sustainable packaging, because this type of container can bring us great convenience and valuable opportunities to use ecological materials. In fact, if there is a suitable recovery system, a large number of recycled materials can be used in flexible packaging

however, the PTIS survey also found that many people are still skeptical of sustainable packaging. Now it is less than three months before the implementation of Wal Mart's packaging scoring system, and most respondents said they would strictly abide by this system. A brand manager said: Wal Mart and Sam's Club customers did not express any opinions on this project in our interview

therefore, many companies have a cautious and wait-and-see attitude towards sustainable packaging. Another packaging manager added that everyone is an environmentalist as long as their own interests are not touched

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