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Jiangsu suspected toxic plastic runway: chlorinated paraffin is harmful to human body

yesterday (14th), Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education held a briefing. Jiangsu Provincial Department of education first released the latest survey results to the outside world. The results showed that the reports involving "suspected toxic campus plastic runway" were self raised and self built projects in southern Jiangsu, rather than the construction supervision of Jiangsu Provincial Department of education. Du Wei, director of the Department of physical health and art of Jiangsu Provincial Department of education, said, They paid close attention to the environmental protection problems of plastic runways in some schools in Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing and Changzhou reported by the media, and arranged special personnel to conduct in-depth research to understand the specific situation. It was learned that the construction projects of these plastic runways involved in the report were all local self raised and self built projects

Du Wei introduced that through the "plastic construction project of sports venues in rural primary and secondary schools in Jiangsu Province", 552 plastic venues have been built in the province, and 113 are under construction, including provincial financial subsidies in Northern Jiangsu. The Department of education has arranged chemical experts to participate in the supervision, and so far "zero complaints". However, the above figures do not include the plastic runways self raised and built by local governments in southern Jiangsu. Next, they will investigate the situation of the whole province. He said that recently, the provincial plastic office will continue to work with relevant departments to invite relevant experts to conduct a comprehensive supervision on the reconstruction project of the plastic sports ground of rural primary and secondary schools in Jiangsu Province and all schools involved, In addition, the title of the article to be updated today is the working principle of the digital universal experimental machine. The municipal and County Education Bureau has entrusted an authoritative organization with monitoring qualifications to immediately conduct a comprehensive inspection of all the plastic runway projects under construction and just completed that are self funded and self built locally. If problems are found, they should be rectified immediately, and the list of fatigue damage suppliers and construction units that account for 50% and 90% of the damage of materials and mechanical parts should be published, Never allow building materials that do not meet the safety standards to enter the campus. Those related to the education system and the smaller the particles, will be seriously investigated and dealt with and will not be tolerated

according to the survey report, some entrepreneurs pointed out that the price of plastic runway in the bidding and procurement process is too low. 20 years ago, it was 150 yuan per square meter, but 20 years later, it fell to 120 yuan per square meter, resulting in manufacturers making a fuss on materials, shoddy, and pursuing the maximization of interests. Can the education department raise the purchase price? In this regard, yangshubing, deputy director of the office of Jiangsu Provincial Department of education, said that the pricing power of bidding procurement is not in the education department

Yang Shubing said that the bidding of all projects is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the bidding law, and the project bidding contract is managed by the local government and the construction department. The scoring standard of bidding is determined by the intermediary agency, that is, the bidding agency. This part is supervised by the construction department, which is supervised by the engineering trading center

at the briefing, chemical experts once again publicly responded that polyurethane, the main component of plastic runway, is widely used in footwear soles, synthetic leather clothing, plastic bags and other household items, so a good plastic runway should have no odor. Luozhenyang, a polyurethane material expert in the Department of chemistry and material science, School of science, Nanjing Forestry University, said that the paved plastic runway has a maintenance time, for example, seven days, and then walk up after seven days. The standard plastic runway is tasteless

Lu Changfeng, an expert from Jiangsu plastic office, believes that from what they know, the pungent odor in the plastic runway on campus at present does come from plasticizers and other additives. The substance that has been mastered at present is chlorinated paraffin, which is harmful to human body

Lu Changfeng said that the plasticization project of rural primary and secondary schools emphasized in the bidding document that chlorinated paraffin cannot be used as an additive. Chlorinated paraffin, as a plasticizer, will decompose and migrate at high temperature, and the chloride is relatively high. Chloride is harmful to human body

in addition, the proposed plasticizer food composite packaging film tends to be multifunctional and frivolous, such as o-benzene, aromatic hydrocarbons, and other toxic substances that can cause sterilization and cancer in boys. Zhou Xiaolin, chemical building materials testing center of Jiangsu Institute of product quality supervision and testing, said that it is not within the scope of testing at present, and they will conduct research on it

Zhou Xiaolin said that whether toxic substances such as o-benzene and aromatic hydrocarbons are within the detection range is not stipulated in the national standard for the time being. We still need to study more in these aspects, which may do work for the improvement and standardization of standards in the future

in addition, experts also suggest that close contact between children's exposed skin and plastic racetracks should be avoided as far as possible

it is difficult for local education departments to shirk their responsibility to eradicate the "toxic runway" on campus, and housing construction, environmental protection, quality inspection and other departments should not stand idly by. But at the same time of strict supervision, some lagging standards should also be revised and improved as soon as possible. According to insiders, some unscrupulous enterprises have added toxic substances such as orthobenzene and aromatic hydrocarbons to the plastic runway, which seriously threatens the health of children, but it has not been included in the detection scope of the national standards at present, so it is difficult to effectively prevent blocking. It is hoped that the relevant departments will take urgent action to continuously improve the detection standards and scope for new situations and problems, eliminate the blind spot of supervision, and let children run on a safe runway

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