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The survey shows that the utilization rate of banking business is high, accounting for 52.2%

the famous domestic application service platform 3G portal recently released the 2011 China Banking user survey report in Beijing. According to the survey data of the report, the utilization rate of banking business among the people has been significantly improved, and the user population structure has been continuously optimized, indicating a good development prospect of banking business

according to the sampling survey results, by February 2011, the utilization rate of banking business in the people has reached 52.2%, significantly higher than the utilization rate of 36.8% in July 2010; The banking industry expects that 41030 new aircraft will be needed in the world in the next 20 years, and the business will gradually develop to the middle-aged population. The monthly income level of users is higher than that of users in July last year

among the banks that have carried out banking business, industrial and Commercial Bank of China still has the highest utilization rate of 35.1%, followed by China Construction Bank, which is 35.0%. Agricultural Bank of China and Bank of China have significantly improved in the past six months, constantly narrowing the gap with industry leaders

the analysis of the most common use of bank functions by different groups shows that school students are more inclined to use bank payment functions and less inclined to use financial management functions; The cadres of administrative/public institutions and state-owned enterprises are more inclined to use the bank's transfer and remittance function, payment function, credit card function and financial management function; Middle and senior executives of foreign/private enterprises and private business owners have a significant tendency to use bank credit card functions

the report survey found that more than half of users want banks to provide perfect shopping services in shopping malls. Users who have used the bank mall account for 64.3%, 10.8% of users often use it, 31.4% occasionally use it, and 22.1% rarely use it. Administrative/public institutions, cadres of state-owned enterprises, middle and senior executives of foreign/private enterprises, and private business owners often have a significant tendency to use bank mall services

in terms of bank users' choice of payment methods, 56.1% of users prefer WAP pages; The second is the client, accounting for 44.4%; Only 17.3% of users are willing to swipe their cards. In addition, 15.9% of the people can accept the above three ways

users tend to pay in small amounts when using payment. More than 70% of users pay less than 1000 yuan, and nearly half of them pay less than 500 yuan; More than 10% of users pay a maximum of 10000 yuan or more

it is reported that the data in this report comes from more than 20000 questionnaires conducted on a fixed sample group of 3G portals in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and cities across the country

Zhangxiangdong, President of 3G portal, said that on the one hand, the current market environment is gradually taking shape. Various enterprises in the mobile Internet industry chain are committed to providing "better" services, and Chinese consumers are gradually accepting and accustomed to serving their lives; On the other hand, major banks actively promote banking business, constantly improve the user experience that is not easy to bump in the transportation process, and give various preferential measures, which have promoted the development of banking business into the fast lane. Economic Information Daily

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