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Sichuan paper cup standard enterprises are in their own ranks

although they bought disposable paper cups of the same brand, the thickness and diameter of the products they bought before and after are quite different. This is a matter that citizens Li He and others have also violated the price of foam granulator. Ladies have been puzzled recently. Recently, after visiting many shopping malls, supermarkets and wholesale markets in the urban area of Chengdu, I found that as a convenient and fast daily necessities, the consumption of disposable paper cups among citizens has become higher and higher. However, due to the lack of capacity labeling norms, the hygienic quality of 70% of paper cups in the market is worrying, and the brand price is also very chaotic

there are many kinds of capacity labeling patterns

in a red flag chain near Daci Temple in Chengdu, we can see that there are many kinds of paper cup capacity labeling patterns: some are measured by "Anshi", some are "ounces", and some are "ml", "ounces/ml", etc. even with the same label, the actual capacity of different brands may be very different, which is difficult for people to understand. For example, the "9oz/250ml" paper cup from a manufacturer in Ya'an, Sichuan Province sold in the supermarket has significantly less bottom and height than another paper cup labeled "250ml" made in Chengdu

later, it was found in Hongxing Road Section 2 Huihui supermarket, Chunxi Road Wangfujing Department store and other supermarkets that there were no certain standards for the thickness and diameter of disposable paper cups. Even products of the same brand also had different thickness and diameter of cups

hygiene and disinfection adopt different standards

during market research, it is found that the hygiene implementation standards marked on the outer packaging of many paper cups are also very different: some are "food hygiene approval" and some are "food consumption approval". However, the shelf life, raw materials and sanitary conditions of the products are not clearly marked, and there are great differences. For example, the "Oujia" brand paper cup produced by Sichuan Xinyuan paper products development Co., Ltd. implements gb5009, The "Xinyuan" brand paper cup of Chengdu Xinyuan paper products Co., Ltd. implements the standard of Chuanwei Xiaozhun

the enterprise "agreed" to produce fuzzy data

Song Yi, standardization department of the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, said in an interview on October 25 that "Anshi", "oz/ml" and other marking methods did not meet the relevant standards. At present, the country still lacks corresponding specifications on the specific data standards of paper cup production, so many disposable paper cups sold on the market are "agreed" by themselves according to the manufacturer's enterprise standards. "The false capacity labels on the outer packaging of some manufacturers will certainly make people doubt the quality of paper cups."

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