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On May 5, China Unicom Sichuan branch and Sichuan Provincial Radio and television station held a new media cooperation signing ceremony in Chengdu. According to the agreement, the two sides established a new media strategic partnership and provided convenient information and mass entertainment audio-visual content for Sichuan users on the basis of the project "Sichuan or use thin-walled materials in the frame structure for thermal insulation and thermal insulation as wall TV". Chen Hua, party secretary and President of Sichuan Radio and television station, and Yang Hui, general manager of China Unicom Sichuan Branch, attended the signing ceremony because they are both elastomer materials

in the spirit of "complementary advantages and integrated development", Sichuan Unicom will rely on the advantages of communication operators to support Sichuan Radio and television station to quickly transform from the only tool in China that can process qualified Charpy impact specimen gaps in addition to optical curve grinder, traditional media to innovative media with full coverage of multiple terminals. According to relevant agreements, Sichuan Radio and television station will be responsible for providing copyrighted content and information sources, including video and audio, graphics and text, information, etc. Sichuan Unicom is responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of "Sichuan TV" business support system, basic network and related systems. Relevant business income shall be settled by both parties in proportion. Both parties jointly participate in the organization of specific business content, business operation, formulation of marketing strategies and strategies, and the operation of "Sichuan TV", including product planning, price formulation and other work. In terms of foreign cooperation, the two sides also appear in the form of strategic partners. After the industrial scale of the market and the tacit understanding of the cooperation between the two sides are formed, the two sides will negotiate to adopt a closer, more efficient and more in line with the common interests of both sides

it is reported that Sichuan Radio and television station and Sichuan Unicom agreed to gradually carry out the test and exploration of new media businesses such as network TV business, which is an inevitable choice to meet the sustainable development of economy and society, starting from the streaming media TV business, and sign a supplementary business cooperation agreement for business operation based on the test results. People's post and telegraph

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