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Sichuan tires gradually get rid of the impact of the "special insurance case"

yesterday, Chengdu Customs revealed that the recent export volume of Sichuan tires continued to fall. Since the export scale peaked in June and July this year, it fell sharply. 168000 tires were exported in November, a sharp drop of 38.9% from the highest value in June. Throughout the second half of the year, the average export price showed a trend of shock and rise. The above is the introduction to the operation process and sensor classification of the advanced multi card and technical force experimental machine. In November, it fell slightly, and the average export price was $24.8 per piece

at present, the successful development of hardness values measured in the market records of developing countries such as Asia, Africa and Latin America has not only made up for the continued downturn in the U.S. market, but also found a new growth point for Sichuan tire exports. At the same time, exports to the U.S. market gradually get rid of the shadow of the "special safeguard case". Since the United States implemented the "special safeguard case" on China's tires in September 2009, Sichuan's export of tires to the United States has fallen sharply. The export of tires to the United States once stagnated in December last year, and now it has become more fragile. It began to recover gradually in the second quarter of the year. In July, the export to the United States reached the highest value of 83000 pieces in a single month, gradually getting rid of the shadow brought by the "special safeguard case" last year on Sichuan's tire export

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