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The Ministry of Education recently issued a notice announcing the filing and approval results of undergraduate majors of ordinary colleges and universities in 2018. AI majors with high voice have been included in the list of newly approved undergraduate majors. A total of 35 colleges and universities across the country, including Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and technology, and Southwest Jiaotong University, have won the first batch of construction qualifications. The major code is 080717t (t stands for the special major), and the degree is awarded to the category of engineering. So far, the major of artificial intelligence has officially entered the undergraduate professional family

from the list, AI majors are not exclusive to colleges and universities. Among the universities approved for construction, there are not only the first nationally established famous universities such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University and Zhejiang University, but also local universities with distinctive professional characteristics such as Jiangsu University of science and technology and Anhui University of engineering, as well as model universities such as Changchun Normal University

last April, the Ministry of Education issued the "innovation action plan for artificial intelligence in Colleges and universities that will also have a very far-reaching impact on the structure of raw materials in the chemical industry". The action plan systematically deploys from the aspects of expanding the scale of talent training, improving the quality of talent training, optimizing the structure of talent training, and focuses on guiding colleges and universities to strengthen talent training in the field of artificial intelligence through incremental support and stock adjustment, in-depth demonstration and determination of the connotation of artificial intelligence disciplines, and improvement of the discipline system of artificial intelligence, Promote the construction of first-class disciplines in the field of artificial intelligence, and encourage the distribution of artificial intelligence related majors according to national and regional industrial needs; Support colleges and universities to set up artificial intelligence disciplines in computer science and technology

the beginning of undergraduate education in intelligent science and technology in China can be traced back to the establishment of the specialty of intelligent science and technology in Peking University in 2003. At that time, its professional code was 080627s, which means trial. In September, 2012, in the newly revised catalogue of undergraduate majors in general colleges and universities released by the Ministry of education, the major of intelligent science and technology became an ad hoc major and was classified into the computer category

in the past ten years, the number of new institutions of intelligent science and technology each year has been in single digits, basically about twoorthree institutions. However, in 2016 and 2017, it suddenly ushered in substantial growth. In 2017, 19 colleges and universities added intelligent science and technology majors. In 2018, this number reached 96

according to the latest list released by the Ministry of education, 101 colleges and universities have been approved for robotics engineering, 203 colleges and universities have been approved for data science and big data technology, and 25 colleges and universities have been approved for big data management and application. It can be said that the construction of human intelligence education has set off an upsurge in recent years. Wang Wansen, director of the Education Working Committee of the Chinese Association of artificial intelligence, said: artificial intelligence education has been full of spring. According to technology

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