The hottest Sichuan Suining paper mill moved away

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Sichuan Suining paper mill's polluted water source moved away

paper mill's polluted water source moved away

does the environmental protection department require that the treatment be completed by the 21st

Mayor? We have a paper mill here. The water from the raw materials of soaking seeps out, polluting our domestic water. Please investigate! Recently, a resident of group 11, Changkou village, Sanjia Town, Anju district was reported by the mayor. On the afternoon of the 18th, he went to the scene for investigation

under the guidance of local residents, I found the number of automatic stop paper mills that residents reflected. I saw that there were many bamboos stacked on the open space in front of the paper mill. Local residents told that these bamboos are raw materials for paper mills. After crushing and soaking these bamboos, they become raw pulp for paper making. There are three soaking pools in the corner over there. Before approaching the soaking pool, I smelled a pungent smell, which made people very uncomfortable. Looking forward, the three soaking pools are soaked with things, and the color has begun to turn black

residents reported that their domestic water was polluted

then they came to the home of Ran Qichang, a resident most seriously affected by the paper mill, whose domestic water well and soaking pool were only a few meters away. According to ran Qichang, not long after the paper mill moved in, the family felt that the rice we cooked in our own well was very light and not delicious, and didn't take it personally at the beginning. At the beginning of November, the family began to have diarrhea and weakness, and their 1-year-old grandson began to grow some unknown acne, and ran Qichang began to grow some pimples on the inner side of his thigh, which attracted the attention of the family. Ran Qichang went to the Municipal People's Hospital for treatment. After being reminded by his eldest brother who worked in the Municipal People's Hospital, he thought that his domestic water might be polluted by the water infiltrated by the soaking pool of the papermaking factory

a few days ago, the fish I bought died in the well water, so I'm more sure that our domestic water is polluted! Then I asked several families around, and they also found that the well water was bubbling, and the color was a little yellow and black. Later, we didn't dare to use it anymore, and we went to a far place to carry water every day. Ran Qichang told. When they crushed the bamboo, we didn't feel anything. As long as we soaked it at the beginning, the water was hard to drink and the smell made us unable to sleep. After we reported this situation to the owner of the paper mill, he immediately sent someone to drain the water in our well. There was a little water in the well these days, and they pumped it again. Resident song Tingguo said

the department ordered the paper mill to move out by the 21st

then, the situation was reported to the Anju District Environmental Protection Bureau on site. According to the relevant personnel of the law enforcement brigade of Anju district environmental protection brigade, they have sent French personnel to conduct on-site investigation during the injection molding process last Friday. It is confirmed that the paper mill is illegal chemical pulping, which has a certain impact on the domestic water of local residents. At present, the environmental protection department has dealt with it: 21 days ago, the plant must be removed and the existing illegal pulping equipment, such as soaking tanks, wire drawing machines, heating tanks, etc., must be destroyed; The waste water shall be sent to the unit with waste water treatment qualification for treatment, and the drinking water for human and livestock of several households affected by this shall be taken care of at the same time

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