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Sichuan Xingsheng 2billion yuan glass curtain wall project was signed in the Logistics Port

on June 28, the solar thin film photoelectric energy-saving glass curtain wall production project invested by Sichuan Xingsheng glass curtain wall technology Co., Ltd. was successfully signed in the logistics port. As of the same day, the logistics port has completed a total investment attraction of 6.6 billion yuan in June, and its investment attraction performance ranks in the forefront of the city. At the same time, this is also the leading photovoltaic industry project introduced by our district

it is reported that the project is located in the Industrial Development Zone of modern logistics port in Western China, which affects the accuracy of indication. It covers an area of 220 mu, and mainly constructs 2.5 million square meters/year high-tech solar thin film photoelectric energy-saving glass curtain wall and photoelectric energy-saving door and window production line. After the completion of the project, the annual sales revenue of 3 billion yuan can be achieved, so as to have a more price advantage, and the total annual tax warehousing amount is not less than 80million yuan

after Sichuan Xingsheng glass curtain wall technology Co., Ltd. invested 200million yuan to build the Western glass deep processing project in the logistics port in 2011, it launched another heavy investment, calling for stricter measures to restrict the import of waste materials to the logistics port. Weng Huacai, chairman of the company, said excitedly, "this is the second project our company has invested in the logistics port. It is precisely because of the good cooperation of the previous project that we have seen the investment potential of Suining. I believe that more large enterprises and groups will find the value here."

the production project of solar thin-film photoelectric energy-saving glass curtain wall cooperates closely with the Institute of Optoelectronics of South China University of technology to industrialize the application technology of thin-film solar photoelectric glass curtain wall, an innovative scientific research achievement leading the international level, and build a production base of electric glass curtain wall and photoelectric doors and windows with international leading high-tech level light and data processing. The entry of the project will further improve the quality index of the logistics port as a production-oriented logistics park, meet the needs of the surrounding key cities with Suining as the core and the regional market of such products in the west, vigorously promote the further improvement of Suining and surrounding related industrial chains, and attract more high-quality enterprises to enter the logistics port

in addition, the projects signed by the logistics port in June also include that on the 14th, the Logistics Port Jiankun group and Longji Mazhong Group invested 4.6 billion yuan in four projects, including five-star Lotus Hotel and four-star business hotel apartment, outlets shopping center, China ASEAN city and Halal Food Certification Center. In June, the Logistics Port attracted a total of 6.6 billion yuan

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