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Sichuan Xipu Chemical Co., Ltd. and the global oil and chemical giant took over Xipu Chemical Co., Ltd.

on July 26, Sichuan Xipu Chemical Co., Ltd., located in the economic development zone, successfully married with the global oil and chemical giant and Croda Corporation of the United Kingdom, and officially changed into a Sino foreign joint venture. According to the agreement between the two parties, Croda UK invested 286million yuan to acquire 65% equity of CEP chemical. At the beginning of August, David Edward balaclav, President of Croda Asia Pacific, and his party made a special trip to Mianyang to further discuss merger and acquisition cooperation, and it is planned to complete the settlement within this month

Xipu company, founded in 1993, is a key military to civilian enterprise in Mianyang, a provincial high-tech enterprise, and a leading enterprise in the provincial agricultural industrialization. In 2012, the annual output value of CEP was 264million yuan

Sepp mainly produces oil chemicals with various animal and vegetable oils as raw materials. The business involves the cultivation of industrial oil varieties, the large-scale planting and processing of oil crops, the R & D, production and sales of oil chemicals and derivatives. The products are mainly used in petrochemical industry to avoid damage caused by sudden fracture of test pieces, daily-use chemical industry, plastic industry and other industries

the biggest highlight of sap, which is also the factor that finally moved Croda, is erucic acid, the main product of SAP. Prior to the joint venture, Sepp had firmly occupied more than 60% of the erucic acid market share in the Asia Pacific region and 20% of the global market, and was the largest supplier of erucic acid in Asia and the second largest in the world. In 2010, Sepp built the industrial production line of dibasic acid, breaking the exclusive monopoly of American companies and becoming the second manufacturer of dibasic acid products in the world

Croda seeks China and the Asia Pacific market

many people don't know Croda UK, which has a history of more than 80 years. However, I believe you are not unfamiliar with the brands of P & G, Avon, Amway, 3M, Exxon oil, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever in the United States, L'Oreal in France, Bayer in Germany, and Toyo flower in Japan. These world-famous brands are partners of Croda and accept products and services provided by Croda

as the world's leading supplier of raw materials for personal care products, Croda has an annual global sales volume of £ 1billion. Its business covers more than 100 countries around the world and has branches in 26 countries, covering industries suitable for personal care products, health care products, furniture care products, lubricants, textiles, electronics, oil fields, tobacco, coatings and other functional chemicals

in 2006, Croda successfully acquired ulykema, the Netherlands, and its position as the leader of the world's special chemicals company was further consolidated. In 2012, Croda was selected as one of the "global top 100 enterprises for sustainable development"

according to Tian Qiu, vice president of CEP chemical, Croda's products are mainly sold to Europe, America and Asia. Asia accounts for about 14% of global sales. In recent years, Croda has been seeking to increase its market in China and the Asia Pacific region, so it will generally simply burn the share of treatment plants when landfilling, and the establishment of an oil chemical production base in China is an important step

holding Xipu and Croda's global strategy

in February 2012, Xipu began to throw the "embroidered temperature ball of about 23 degrees Celsius" to Croda, the industry leader, in order to speed up the upgrading of enterprise product technology. After unremitting efforts, the two sides signed a merger and acquisition contract in May 2013. It has achieved a real sense of strong cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win

it is understood that after the relocation and capacity expansion of Xipu chemical, the scale and equipment technology level of the new plant have reached the world-class level, which fully meets the needs of Croda to enter the list of 2017 national technological innovation demonstration enterprises published by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of finance to build factories in China; By acquiring the equity of Sepp, the operation time of the factory can be greatly shortened and the market can be won as soon as possible. In addition, after years of precipitation, SIPO has possessed soft power advantages such as management team, staff team, raw material base, domestic market channels and production and operation experience. This is also an important reason why Croda is interested in Sino Western and joint ventures

after holding CEP, Croda can not only establish an oil and chemical production base in China, but also turn its original competitors into partners, which is conducive to controlling the market and improving profitability. It can be said that controlling Sepp is part of Croda's global strategy

build an important production base in the Asia Pacific

the benefits of strong cooperation for both sides are self-evident. Tian Qiu said that first of all, the platform of CEP is conducive to the expansion of Croda's market and industrial chain; Secondly, together, we can build an important production base of fatty acids and their derivatives in the Asia Pacific region

it is understood that after controlling Xipu, Croda will use its own market resources to make Xipu's production plant run at full capacity in the shortest time, and it is expected that the sales revenue will double within two years; Xipu's existing and good platform has provided conditions for Croda to transfer the production lines of other technically mature fatty acid derivatives and new products in related fields to Xipu. In the future, the joint venture can gradually form a supporting industrial chain for large-scale production of products

at the same time, with Croda's leading technology and innovation strength in the global oil and chemical industry, it will further enhance the upgrading of SIPO's existing product production and R & D technology, and ensure the sustainable development ability of SIPO. Within five years, it is expected that the sales revenue of new products will reach 1billion/year, contributing more than 150million yuan of profits

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