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At 16:45 on March 9, a heavy-duty crane pulled an 11 meter long and 3-ton bushing, which slowly lifted up in the rotating space of less than 12 meters in the UHV "heart" (converter station valve hall), and accurately approached the converter transformer. After 300 seconds of "heartbeat", the casing was successfully carried, and Zhang mingdy, the person in charge of maintenance of China Sichuan electric power transmission and Transformation Construction Co., Ltd., and the 23 operators present were finally relieved

"it's incredible! The 'tube replacement in the valve hall' really did it! It's as wonderful as the 'operation inside the heart'!" Xu panteng, who witnessed the whole process of ± 800 kV converter station in Qiaoxiang, exclaimed that Ma Yelin, the maintenance backbone of nanuhv company beside him, was full of praise, "one minute on the stage, ten years off the stage. You are indeed the most professional team I have ever seen! We have also tried to do this, but it is limited by hoisting capacity, technical level and other reasons, (1) there is no way to measure the bearing capacity of lubricants, so we can only stop."

according to Zhang mingdy, as early as may 2016, Sichuan power transmission and transformation company took the lead in the country's first valve hall converter valve side bushing replacement operation at Xinjiang ± 800 kV Tianshan converter station. This technology has also become a "unique skill" of Sichuan power transmission and transformation

recalling what happened in those years, Yang Chenggang, the founder member, still clearly remembered the English of Hans, an engineer of ABB, a rheological equipment manufacturer, one night, "the sandstorms in Hami are frequent and violent. To ensure the quality, we can't pull the rheological equipment out of the room for hoisting, but only in the valve hall. It's very difficult, but very efficient." After listening to Hans' ideas, Yang Chenggang and his maintenance team fell into meditation. Because the equipment in the valve hall is dense, the effective working space is too narrow, and a little accidentally bumping the "heart" parts will undoubtedly lay a fatal threat to the safe operation of the converter station, and also provide strong technical support for the quality supervision of drug packaging materials in the future; Moreover, at present, there is no precedent for the installation and construction of advanced chemical materials such as high-end polyolefins, special synthetic rubber and engineering plastics by large mechanical cranes in the valve hall of the converter station in China, and the difficulties before us are truly world-class problems

before dawn the next day, the maintenance team decided to enter the station to have a try. "The valve hall passage is 3.5m wide, more than 2.8m, feasible! The height is 4.1m, more than 3.3m, feasible! The 25t crane meets the traffic conditions!" Zhou Jianguo, the hoisting commander after measuring the size, was more confident. At the same time, Ni wenshuai, the technical director, stuck in a thick stack of drawings, searched the direction of the cable trench and ventilation trench in the valve hall in an all-round way, and analyzed the load-bearing of the trench evenly. He was not confident until he completely demonstrated the safe driving of the 32 ton "Big Mac" with data

however, when the mobilization problem is solved, the real problems in front of us are the safety of hoisting in a narrow space and the environmental protection of heavy cranes. "When hoisting, the nearest distance from the surrounding equipment is only 20 cm, which can only be achieved by measuring 1 point in the center of all samples with the most meticulous construction scheme and the most exquisite command and operation. For this, we have selected the best commander in chief and the person in charge of operation, and arranged more than 3 times of the monitoring force to achieve 360 degree non dead corner monitoring." According to Yang Chenggang. Not only that, the main creative team also innovatively applied the exhaust emission device of self-processing vehicles, ensuring the "zero injury" and "zero pollution" operation in the whole process of operation

it is estimated that compared with the traditional external replacement method, the replacement of casing in the valve hall can restore power transmission 4 days in advance. During the full load operation of large power, each set of repaired converter can increase the power transmission by nearly 200 million kwh, effectively alleviating the peak high load power demand

at present, the "unique skill" of Sichuan power transmission and transformation is not only invited by China Electric Power Construction Enterprise Association to exchange and promote at the national power transmission and transformation industry summit, but also favored by converter station operating units and converter manufacturers. "In the future, we will promote this unique skill to the world and make a contribution to the safe and stable operation of global energy interconnection."

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