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AkzoNobel released the performance report for the second quarter of 2019, and the adjusted operating revenue increased by 36%

AkzoNobel released the performance report for the second quarter of 2019, and the adjusted operating revenue increased by 36%, coating,

AkzoNobel released the performance report for the second quarter of 2019, and the adjusted operating revenue increased by 36%

July 26, 2019

despite the continuous market challenges, Continue to move towards the strategic goal of "win-win cooperation: 15 by 20"

AkzoNobel (Stock Code: akza; akzoy) released the second quarter performance of 2019

after adjustment, the operating revenue 1 increased by 36% to 305million euros (225million euros in the same period of 2018)

the return on sales excluding unallocated costs 2 increased to 13.7% (12.1% in the same period of 2018)

focus on the implementation of the strategy of "value is better than sales", Promote the overall growth of pricing/portfolio by 5% and the sales volume by 6%

steadily promote the transformation plan and save the cost of 43million euros

on July 18, 2019, it announced the acquisition of mapaero, a French aviation coating manufacturer, to further enhance the company's aviation coating business

the performance in the second quarter of 2019

the sales were flat (if calculated at a constant exchange rate, it increased by 1%), the pricing/portfolio contributed 5% and the acquisition contributed 1%, The adjusted operating income increased by 36% to 305million euros (225million euros in the same period of 2018, including 20million euros in one-time costs), mainly due to the continuous promotion of pricing strategies and cost saving projects, offset by the 6% decline in sales volume; The return on sales was 12.4% (9.2% in the same period of 2018)

the operating income was 308million euros, including the positive impact of 3million euros brought by the identified project, which was mainly related to the subsequent disposal income of asset network optimization (57million euros) and transformation cost (54million euros); In the same period of 2018, the operating revenue was EUR 192million, including the negative impact of EUR 33million brought by the identified project

the return on sales of decorative paint business increased to 13.5% (12.2% in the same period of 2018); The return on sales of high-performance coatings business increased to 13.6% (11.8% in the same period in 2018)

adjusted earnings per share from continuing operations increased by 85% to 0.96 euros (0.52 euros in the same period in 2018); The overall operating assets can be equipped with curved Xinsheng with different diameters. The EPS is 1.07 euros (1.06 euros in the same period in 2018)

Thierry vanlanker, CEO of AkzoNobel, said:

"We continue to focus on the strategic goal of 'win-win cooperation: 15 by 20'. The company made gratifying progress in the second quarter. After adjustment, the operating revenue and profit increased by 36% and the return on sales rose to 13.7%. We are further ahead of the goal of achieving a 15% return on sales in 2020.

the importance of the second quarter is self-evident, which fully proves that the company's strategy is playing a role. Despite the external market Environmental resistance still exists, but the company's second quarter performance improved significantly, mainly due to the continuous promotion of pricing strategy and cost saving projects. In the process of continuously promoting the transformation plan, such strong performance is not only a feedback to the company, but also an incentive for the follow-up work

facing the increasingly weak market trend, we will continue to focus on the implementation of the established strategy, properly grasp the strategic growth opportunities, and strive to become the benchmark of the paint and coating industry. "

highlights of the second quarter of 2019

restoration of the famous painting night tour

AkzoNobel recently reached a cooperation with the Dutch National Museum to launch the most innovative project in the history of art and restore the important work night tour by the famous painter Rembrandt. In a large number of new and old collisions, we will use pioneering technology to repair the night patrol, so that future generations can continue to admire this master's masterpiece. In addition, we will also contribute our color expertise to this historic project

new paint products sell well in the French market

our French decorative paint brand Dulux Valentine has launched a new easycare product series color risist, which has become a hot product in the French market. Easycare series products, which greatly increase the demand for glass fiber composites (also known as EasyClean), have been sold in 26 countries around the world, including Dulux, Marshall and other brands. The product has been a great success in France. The TV publicity activities related to it ensure that passengers have enough time to escape. It will last until August. The French brand uses a unique Panther logo on its packaging and launched the colorresist Series in April this year

AkzoNobel assisted Hudson yards project in New York City

the Hudson City Plaza development project in New York has very important historical significance, decorating the beautiful landmark skyline of New York City. At present, the project has reached a new milestone, and AkzoNobel has made great contributions to it. The project is the largest private real estate development project in the history of the United States. Recently, ongoing projects include the newly completed buildings 10 and 30 of Hudson city square. Building 30 of Hudson city square is directly higher than the Empire State building. This glass and steel structure building adopts AkzoNobel high-performance architectural powder coating, while building 10 adopts AkzoNobel industrial coating

"tuchuang future" Entrepreneurship Challenge achieved more than expected results

the pioneering "tuchuang future" challenge launched by AkzoNobel achieved great success. In the Finals held in May, AkzoNobel signed five business cooperation agreements. The challenge was jointly organized by AkzoNobel and its partner KPMG. A total of 160 proposals were received, of which 21 shortlisted start-ups were given the opportunity to cooperate with industry experts to further improve their solutions. The winning solutions that stand out from this innovative ecosystem will help us further promote the breakthrough development of the paint and coating industry and better meet customer needs

improve the sustainability of powder coating

with the launch of the new interpon Low-E powder coating series, we will have more sustainable powder coating products. Interpon 610 full series of smooth topcoats were added to the rough texture series products launched last year. This product is specially designed for curing temperature lower than the standard temperature of ° C. It does not contain polyester TGIC, which can save energy and help customers improve efficiency

AkzoNobel and Airbus help the innovative development of aerospace industry

AkzoNobel and Airbus jointly developed a new chrome free exterior primer, aerodurhs 2121. This primer has recently passed the certification of Airbus and has been incorporated into the aircraft manufacturer's specifications. It is intended to cover almost all the external surfaces of the aircraft at the aircraft assembly stage. In addition to chromate free, the new primer also provides users with many performance, appearance and application advantages

future outlook:

we are steadily implementing the strategy of "win-win cooperation: 15 by 20", transforming to a company focusing on paint and coatings by creating an organization that meets the objectives, and helping to achieve the 2020 guiding goal

in the uncertain macroeconomic environment, the demand trend shows different trends due to geographical and market segments. In the second half of 2019, the price of raw materials is expected to stabilize. Active pricing strategies and cost saving projects are ready to meet the current market challenges

we will continue to implement the transformation plan, hoping to save one-time costs in years and reach the goal of saving 200million euros by 2020

our goal is that by the end of 2020, the leverage ratio (i.e. the ratio of net debt/interest and tax to the old pre amortization profit of more than 10 team leaders successively responsible for security, military reform, finance and Economics) will reach 1 0 times, and strive to maintain a strong investment grade credit rating

AkzoNobel's performance report for the second quarter of 2019 can be viewed and downloaded at

1 Adjusted operating income = operating income minus determined items (formerly known as EBIT)

2 The rate of return on sales (excluding unallocated costs) is the ratio of adjusted operating revenue to sales (excluding unallocated enterprise center costs)

3 The calculation of constant exchange rate does not include the impact of foreign exchange rate fluctuations

this announcement is issued by AkzoNobel in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1, section 17 of the European market abuse regulation (596/2014)

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