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AkzoNobel: the little blue macaw "shines its wings" in Brazil, and welcomes Blu back to Shanlin

AkzoNobel: the little blue macaw "shines its wings" in Brazil, and welcomes Blu back to Shanlin

January 15, 2021

Brazil is synonymous with enthusiasm, including sunny beaches, hot samba and barbecue food. It is also the crazy football kingdom that Apel all over the world says

60% of the land area in the territory is covered by the Amazon virgin jungle, the world's most spectacular Iguazu waterfall group with a width of 4000 meters, and the arc beach known as the most charming beach, which makes the country have the most biodiversity ecosystem in the world and more than 13% of the world's animals and plants

the upper and lower ends are restrained and deformed by friction. As one of the landmarks of Brazil, the Spix's Macaw was listed as a critically endangered species in 1994. In 2018, the International Bird alliance of the Ecological Conservation Union officially announced that the species had been extinct in the wild

in order to ensure the quality of the drugs in the package, the small spithustone is also nicknamed as the little blue macaw. In fact, all macaws are extremely endangered species, and "little blue" is even rarer. Wearing unique blue feathers, the feathers around the head are slightly gray. "Xiaolan" only exists in a small habitat in Northeast Brazil, and was once the prototype of a famous animated film "hero". Therefore, many movie fans are particularly sad to learn that "Xiaolan" has become extinct in the wild

in recent years, a project aimed at restoring the normal survival of "Xiaolan" in its wild habitat is under way, and 200 artificially bred "Xiaolan" will soon return to nature

inspired by the transformation of "little blue" from danger to safety, and to commemorate this sustainable development achievement, AkzoNobel, together with Azul airlines and Embraer, jointly created the "little blue macaw" Embraer 195 E2 aircraft

let's see how "Xiaolan" leaps onto the plane "Yes!

Brazilian artist pardal acted as the designer of this painting. Inspired by Brazilian biodiversity, the fuselage graffiti used up to 58 beautiful colors, half of which were customized for this project, mixed and painted on the aircraft within two weeks. The expert team of Embraer adopted the aerodur 3001/3002 primer varnish system to make the whole work lifelike. Smart you How many colors can you find in the picture

"little blue" is not the only animal that AkzoNobel has painted on the aircraft of the Brazilian aviation industry. We have also painted snow leopards, tigers, sharks and eagles.

we have also made many attempts in advocating the protection of biodiversity, creating "flying coral reefs" and "flying turtles"

which one is your favorite

global biodiversity is facing severe challenges. AkzoNobel is committed to achieving the new goal of sustainable development around the three dimensions of "human, earth and paint", and helping species protection with color and art. In the future, we will continue to work with more airlines to depict the beauty of biodiversity with colorful graffiti, so that more people can join the ranks of biological protection

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