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AkzoNobel strives to achieve a revenue of 3billion US dollars in the Chinese market in 2015 news on July 2 AkzoNobel announced today that the company will improve its goal of business in the Chinese market, and its current revenue in China will double to 3billion US dollars by 2015. This move shows AkzoNobel's ambition to develop the Asian market and highlights the importance of the Chinese market. AkzoNobel's strategy is to focus its business on markets with great global growth potential

Hans wijers, chief executive of AkzoNobel, said: "We have always believed that the Asian region, especially the Chinese market, is very important. Therefore, our company has spared no effort to expand its business here, as can be seen from our recent investment actions. The Chinese market is not only a locomotive to promote economic development, but also is rapidly developing into an innovation hub. Now the trend is from made in China to developed in China, and then innovated in China. AkzoNobel believes that China will To become the mainstay of science, technology and invention in the world, we hope to participate in this process and make contributions. "

weisihan attended and presided over the awarding ceremony of BOC's "AkzoNobel prize in Chemistry" in the Shanghai World Expo Park, which presented a research report recently published in the biomedical materials mechanics action. At the ceremony, he took the diversified production base built by the company in Ningbo with an investment of 275million euros and the recently built R & D center as an example, It shows AkzoNobel's determination to make full use of China's innovation power. He said that attracting the right talents to join the company is also crucial to its development

weisihan said: "The investment made by the company will help us accelerate our development in China in the future. In order to implement our ambitious goals in China, we must strengthen our scientific and technological strength in China. As the world's largest coating and professional chemical company, AkzoNobel goes all out to strengthen its leadership in science and technology and product development, and continuously promote new products to the market through world-famous brands such as Dulux, international paint and Eka."

AkzoNobel founded the "AkzoNobel prize" in the Netherlands in 1970 to commend scientists who have made outstanding contributions in the field of chemistry and materials science. In 1999, AkzoNobel selected manufacturers with the ability to supply innovative fabrics. AkzoNobel extended this award to Sweden to carry out utilization demonstration and other work, and renamed it "AkzoNobel Science Award". As AkzoNobel has developed into a global enterprise and is determined to develop in Asia, the company has decided to promote this meaningful initiative to China. Now, AkzoNobel prize is awarded once a year in the Netherlands and Sweden, while it is awarded once every two years in China

at present, AkzoNobel employs about 6500 employees in China. The Chinese market accounts for 11% of the company's scientific research resources. Its business income in China in 2009 reached $1.5 billion. Its diversified production base in Ningbo has begun to produce chelates, and the whole base will be officially opened in November this year

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