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AkzoNobel starts the world's most advanced coating plant

AkzoNobel starts the world's most advanced coating plant

September 14, 2017

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AkzoNobel officially operates the world's most advanced and sustainable coating plant in Ashton, UK

the factory adopts various high and new technologies, with a construction cost of more than 100million euros. It is the largest global investment in the history of the company's decorative coating business. The factory will become the new production center of duluxpro, a leading decorative coating brand in the UK

the plant will use all kinds of renewable energy, including photovoltaic cells and biomass boilers. At the same time, it has a highly automated production process. However, the manufacturer has the idea that it can not be operated without a PC to save water, reduce waste and energy. 1. The software must start the source consumption when the main motor source is turned on. AkzoNobel estimates that the plant's carbon footprint for producing 1 litre of paint will be reduced by 50% compared with the plant's production facilities to be replaced

Thierry vanlanker, CEO, said: "The UK is an extremely important strategic market for us. This is a major investment of AkzoNobel in the UK and an important milestone for us. We will continue to increase investment in building sustainable production facilities with the latest technology to maintain and enhance our industry leadership and ensure that our customers in the UK and around the world receive the best quality products. Our development The exhibition strategy means that we will continue to lead the paint and coating industry in terms of the most powerful brands and the most advanced technologies. "

the plant can double the current production capacity of AkzoNobel in the UK to 200million liters per year. These paints are basically enough to redecorate all living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens in the UK. In addition, the factory covers an area of 100000 square meters and can be expanded to support the future development planning of the company

coo Ruud Joosten, paint and coating department of AkzoNobel, said: "Ashton can ensure the future development of AkzoNobel as a manufacturer of cutting-edge products, including coatings that can improve air quality, improve energy efficiency and resist bacteria.

we have adopted the world's most advanced technology, improved and integrated them to ensure that the new plant is in a leading position in the whole industry."

Liam Fox, the British Secretary of state for international trade, commented on the new plant: "AkzoNobel has invested a lot of money in Ashton to build the world's most advanced coating plant, which has greatly promoted the local economy. As the government department in charge of international economy, we encourage AkzoNobel to choose Northumberland county to build the plant, because it can provide appropriate labor, infrastructure and supply chain for the development of their business. Their decision is to" the northern economic engine "as a foreign investment destination And demonstrated the strong economic cooperation between the Netherlands and the UK. "

all production processes in the factory are managed by an integrated computer system. This means that every production activity (from the ordering of raw materials to the transportation of finished products) can be carried out without operator intervention

therefore, it can undertake the task of high-speed transmission. The highly flexible production system means that the plant can produce any type of paint under AkzoNobel, including Dulux, Dulux trade, cuprinol, polycell, Hammerite and Armstead

akzonobel will also set up a second Dulux Academy in Ashton. A special rapid superplastic forming center for training and developing high-strength aluminum alloy for high-temperature aging forming of wings is set up to train painters and interior decorators, and teach them the professional knowledge and skills required for business success. The first college in Slough has trained 1600 people

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