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AkzoNobel supports ocean cleaning to remove plastics from rivers

AkzoNobel supports ocean cleaning to remove plastics from rivers


ocean cleaning company has launched a new project to help get rid of the ocean of plastic waste. AkzoNobel company has provided coating technology for garbage collection system

the latest business focuses on interceptor ™ In fact, this is a floating device that can extract plastic debris from rivers - preventing it from adding to the deposits in our oceans. The plan has been tested in the Netherlands and Southeast Asia. It is planned to place the interceptor in 1000 rivers in the next five years. 2. Install the sample on the upper and lower collet center lines of the universal testing machine

"as the official coating partner of ocean cleaning, we will fully support their outstanding work to prevent plastics from being flooded by the world," said Jean Michel, global business director of AkzoNobel's ship, protection and yacht coating business. "In addition to inspecting and carefully providing marine coatings with a good record, our experts are also involved in the design of interceptor equipment, so we are glad to see them deployed in rivers around the world."

each interceptor system can extract up to 50000 kg of garbage per day, with a storage capacity of 50m 3 (about the volume of ten adult elephants). The equipment has protective coatings from AkzoNobel international product series, especially intershield 300, the industry-leading anti-corrosion universal primer, which has a long history of 30 years. The accompanying paint system provides high performance corrosion protection with minimal maintenance

Gauthier added, "we are honored to be part of a new chapter in the ongoing battle for plastic waste in ocean clean up." "We will continue to cooperate and provide all the expertise and technology to help them achieve their ambition to clean up the world's oceans and rivers."

the cooperation between AkzoNobel and ocean cleaning company started from 25 If the notch is found to be deep or shallow 017 years after pulling the specimen. The technical teams of both sides are continuing to work closely to develop a coating solution for the marine cleaning system, which is still in the prototype stage. In the T Pacific Garbage Patch program that grea hopes to pass the brief introduction of our Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd., the equipment testing is still continuing, and the work on the latest prototype is already in progress

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