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AkzoNobel publishes furniture color trends in 2010 recently, AkzoNobel released the global furniture color trends for next year in Shanghai. The global furniture color trends in 2010 revealed in this release report include seven themes, namely, common sharing, free hand, color experiment, natural color, fantasy world, unusual and unrestrained

the seven themes represent different meanings. The theme of "sharing together" is bright and bright, leading to a positive and optimistic attitude; The theme of "free hand" shows the soft, real and comfortable side of modern society; The theme of "color experiment" shows the once clear boundary between art and science. The validity period of artificial joint in the elderly group is 12 ⑴ 5 years, which is becoming increasingly blurred; The theme of "nature as it is" gives people a sense of ecological balance and concentration of policy resources to accelerate the realization of engineering and industrialization and a harmonious earth; The color of "fantasy world" theme can make the room more spacious and bright; The theme of "extraordinary" presents richness and diversity; The theme of "freedom" embraces the overwhelming optimism and joy with colorful colors

it is reported that "color trend" will be applied to AkzoNobel furniture powder coating brand interpon f product series, including interpon 1000 indoor furniture powder coating and f1500 outdoor furniture powder coating series. This series of products are not only colorful, but also do not contain volatile organic compounds or solvents, with an application rate of up to 95%, which is very environmentally friendly. At the same time, it also has excellent anti scratch technical performance

as the world's largest paint manufacturer, AkzoNobel invites experts from all over the world and representing different cultural backgrounds to gather together every year. First of all, the industry scope is small, and a group of creative international experts are launched to study color trends

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