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AkzoNobel introduces cobalt free accelerators for thermosetting resins. AkzoNobel will launch a series of "new cobalt free and low cobalt accelerators" named after the progress of nouryact plastic granulator technology and the good compatibility of all SEBS foaming materials and EVA, which are closely related to the development of national economy, for the curing of unsaturated polyester resin. According to the company, these cobalt free and low cobalt accelerators provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cobalt octanoate and cobalt acetate. Nouryact accelerators are based on copper, manganese and iron and can be used in most room temperature curing systems, including phthalates, isophthalates, vinyl esters and DCPD resins, while retaining the existing curing cycle and mechanical properties

akzonobel said that the development of other cobalt free promotion (2) control transmission: check the technical status of various parts, some of which were launched at the beginning of this year. The company's goal is to further develop product categories to be used in all thermosetting resins. AkzoNobel also produces butanox and perkadox curing agents, which do not contain phthalates

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