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AkzoNobel and Xuanwei increased the prices of automotive touch up paint products from April 1

AkzoNobel and Xuanwei increased the prices of automotive touch up paint products from April 1

March 26, 2019

due to the soaring prices of raw materials such as titanium dioxide and curing agent, AkzoNobel and Xuanwei recently increased the prices of their automotive touch up paint products on transmission

when the Asia Pacific Marketing Department of AkzoNobel automotive touch up paint issued the price adjustment notice, it said that since 2016, the prices of the main chemical raw materials resin, titanium dioxide and various solvents of AkzoNobel automotive paint products have risen sharply, and continue to face a severe price rise trend. Some raw materials have increased by more than 100%. At the same time, AkzoNobel, like other industries, is experiencing inflation and rising labor costs. Manufacturers in the same industry are also constantly adjusting prices to meet the basic needs of enterprise survival and development. Under such a severe situation, in order to ensure that dealers are provided with high-quality products and services as before, After careful consideration, the company decided to increase the price of all paint products of AkzoNobel automotive touch up paint by 2%~8% from April 1, 2019

when Xuanwei (Shanghai) paint released the notice of price adjustment, it said that due to the sharp changes in the market prices of raw materials in recent years, the labor price has risen year by year, and the transportation cost has been rising. As long as the national environmental protection policy is tightened and the environmental protection investment is increasing, the cost of finished products has increased significantly, and the cost increase in 2019 continues, To exceed the company's limit of digesting costs by fully meeting the internal management of teaching demonstration in Colleges and technical secondary schools. In line with long-term good faith service, common development. With the idea of sharing profits, in order to maintain and improve the quality standards and service standards of Xuanwei brand, and strive to maintain and create win-win business opportunities, the decision-making level has decided to adjust the price system of the existing Xuanwei automotive touch up paint products. The specific price adjustment range should be subject to the price officially released on april1,2019, and the new price will be officially implemented from april1,2019

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