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AkzoNobel paint makes the old city of Wuhan look new

akzonobe needs to remove and clean the paint at this time to make the old city of Wuhan look new

November 11, 2019

the picture shows a renovated building complex

recently, the seventh world military games came to a successful conclusion. During the preparation for the military games, duluxi, a famous architectural coating brand under AkzoNobel (an), put new makeup on the old urban area of Wuhan, showing the world the style and urban landscape of the ancient river city

it is reported that the PLA fiber breaking strength of this military games is greater than 3.5g/d. The total length of the barrier line project is 16.4km. Nearly 600 old buildings in the East Lake high tech Zone have been renovated and repainted, covering a total area of nearly 1.8 million square meters. In order to show the world Wuhan's dynamic new face in time, duluxpro has spent nearly half a year rebuilding 14 renovated road sections with a total length of 50 kilometers, including 2 key support lines for the military games with the increasingly fierce market competition

in order to complete the project on time and with high quality, Dulux has learned from the successful construction experience of old city reconstruction projects at home and abroad, combined with the actual situation in Wuhan, and provided comprehensive product solutions and customized professional construction schemes according to local conditions. During this period, the company used a large number of Dulux real stone paint, colorful and high-end environmental protection building coatings such as life-span paint and solid color fluorocarbon paint that will affect the application of the driver, and used more than 40 color matching schemes to carry out the construction in stages to ensure the smooth and high-quality completion of the project

an president of China and North Asia Guozhenhua, managing director of decorative paint China and North Asia business group, said: "As a leading paint and coating enterprise in the world, we have rich experience in old city renovation and renovation in Europe and many countries and cities around the world. We are glad to apply these experiences to the urban renovation of Wuhan military games. In the future, we will continue to be demand-oriented and help create a high-quality living environment with more professional services and environmental protection solutions."

it is reported that an has also helped Nanjing, Changchun, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Haikou and other cities to complete a number of old city renovation and reconstruction projects, including residential, commercial buildings, industrial plants, roads and bridges. By the end of last year, an had completed the renovation of nearly 3million square meters and hundreds of old neighborhoods in Songjiang, Shanghai

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