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The overall furniture is aimed at the structural space of indoor areas and places. By comprehensively using the unique characteristics of innovative ideas, health and environmental protection, ingenious and practical, professional designers carefully and delicately plan the lifelike overall furniture

the overall furniture is aimed at the structural space of indoor areas and places. By comprehensively using the unique characteristics of innovative ideas, health and environmental protection, ingenious and practical, professional designers carefully and delicately plan the lifelike overall furniture. With the yearning of the majority of people and the trend of social development, there are countless overall furniture brands in the market. Here are some overall furniture brands with strength and brand innovation

ranking list of overall furniture brands - Hongchao noble

Guangdong Hongchao noble home furnishing Co., Ltd., a high-end home customization brand of the whole house, is the executive chairman unit of the wardrobe special committee of the Federation of industry and commerce. It is a specialized enterprise of Hongchao noble (hocao) brand customized home furnishing that integrates research and development, sales, production and service. At present, it has more than 200000 square meters of production bases in Guangzhou, Guangdong and Shaoguan, Guangdong, as well as internationally leading intelligent production lines, as well as home furnishing Research Institute and business school. The production fully implements information management, adopts fixed-point analysis and whole process control, so that the product quality can be guaranteed, and provides consumers with high-quality, healthy, environmental friendly, safe and reassuring home environment series products, so that users can rest assured to enjoy an "aldehyde" home life

overall furniture brand ranking - noviglia

noviglia is mainly engaged in interior decoration design and overall furniture decoration design. The company originates from Italian style household brands. After years of experience, it has become a famous brand with strong strength and ranking in the forefront in China. It adopts a new, high-grade and environmental friendly base material - log particle board. The log particle version is not easy to deform and has strong nail holding force. The solid wood particles are bonded to the surface to form melamine board

overall furniture brand ranking - yadis

yadis, the first brand company to customize furniture in China, is a modern and fashionable overall furniture enterprise integrating fashion furniture design, R & D, manufacturing and sales. The products are made of imported boards, and the furniture made of good boards is durable. Choose environmental friendly E1 grade solid wood board to create high-quality overall furniture. The brand ranking of overall furniture - fantini

fantini brand came to France. It was founded in 1976. It has opened a number of large-scale factories all over the world, manufacturing and selling all kinds of high-end furniture. Its style is biased towards European and American home furnishings. It has highly educated, high-quality professional designers. Under the planning of their refined gold, Depicting the home in a three-dimensional and moving way is the ideal choice for the overall furniture

ranking list of overall furniture brands - OMAX

OMAX is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, production and sales of overall household and decorative bedroom supporting products, mainly producing and designing: overall wardrobe, overall sofa and other overall furniture. E1 grade solid wood particle board with high quality materials, high density and good environmental protection; Edge banding materials with low formaldehyde emission in line with national safety standards

overall furniture brand ranking - macio, fully known as Chongqing macio decorative building materials Co., Ltd., was founded in 2003. It is a large modern customized furniture enterprise integrating professional design, manufacturing, sales and service. Since 2003, MAG took the lead in launching "customized wardrobe, customized bookcase and walk-in cloakroom" in China, MAG has always adhered to design as the leading factor and formed its own unique furniture design style. With its special design system - "design Conqueror", designers can design high-grade practical customized furniture according to consumer needs. With the help of marg's unique virtual reality simulation, customers can preview the effect of finished furniture in an all-round way before production

overall furniture brand ranking - novija

Guangzhou novija decoration materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000. In its early stage, it was mainly engaged in architect design, interior decoration design and furniture design. Later, it created the "lovica novija" overall wardrobe brand. Italian designers carried out the overall planning of VI image, and the brand was positioned in the middle and high grades

overall furniture brand ranking - Sofia

in 2001, the founder of Sofia brand and Mr. hazzenfratz introduced Sogal wall cabinet sliding door products to China based on the needs of Chinese consumers. On the basis of digesting and absorbing the design concept of the sliding door of the closet, the founder effectively combined the advantages of the sliding door of the closet, the hand-made wardrobe and the finished wardrobe, innovatively developed the customized furniture of the whole house, and launched the Sofia classic shutter series wardrobe in China, thus opening the prelude to the development of customized wardrobe in China

nowadays, there are countless brands in the domestic furniture market, and the quality is uneven. Consumers are inevitably confused in the face of so many brands. I hope the above introduction can give you some reference




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