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[] at present, the decoration of many luxury houses and fine decorated houses in the market alone has reached 3000 yuan/㎡ to 4000 yuan/㎡, or even higher. So, what does such high-end hardcover include and how much is the cost? What should we pay attention to when buying a hardbound house? The reporter interviewed insiders to explore the answer. ◆ the quotation of fine decoration is the market price. It is understood that generally, in the process of buying and selling fine decoration houses, the developer and the buyer will sign two contracts: the sales contract of commercial houses and the fine decoration contract. Fine decoration standards, including brands, models and other aspects, will be marked on the fine decoration contract. At present, the decoration area of fine decoration houses in the market is calculated according to the construction area. The fine decoration contracts issued by some developers with good integrity will be more detailed. However, there are also dishonest developers who will not clearly mark the decoration materials and decoration quality when drafting the fine decoration contract, and use inferior products or low-end products of high-end brands in the specific decoration. The fine decoration cost quoted by the developer is usually estimated according to the market price of the decoration market, not the so-called cost price. The specific decoration cost has no unified standard due to the different purchase channels and cooperative units of each developer. ◆ the price of materials that look the same may be several times worse. Lawyer Cui Ying of Jiangxi Shanghai law firm said that when signing the purchase contract, buyers should try to clarify the decoration items and standards of the fine decoration house, and ask developers to improve the contract as much as possible. Buyers should be aware that even different models of the same brand may have great differences in quality and price. Even materials with exactly the same appearance may have several times the price difference, which is difficult for non professionals to distinguish. Therefore, for property buyers, it is necessary to be wary of developers' shoddy use of building materials. However, in practice, due to the limitations of professional and industrial information and the current situation of the real estate market, developers are still in a dominant position. Generally, developers provide unified fine decoration contracts. Property buyers are still in a weak position, and their rights cannot be well protected. ◆ the lowest purchase price of building materials for hardbound houses is only half of the market price. Zhao Peng, vice president of Jiangxi Yingke real estate marketing planning Co., Ltd., believes that in general, the cost of fine decoration includes decoration design cost, labor auxiliary materials cost, main building materials cost and equipment cost. Because it is a unified large-scale decoration, building materials are also purchased in large quantities, and the purchase price is lower than the market price. Especially for brand real estate enterprises, they purchase directly from building materials manufacturers, and the minimum discount may reach half of the market price. However, some relatively high-end brand products have less discounts, about 70% of the market price. For high-end hardbound houses with a fine decoration price of about 4000 yuan/m2 in the market, on the one hand, the building materials used are relatively good, on the other hand, central air conditioning and other equipment also account for a very important part of the decoration cost. At present, there is no clear industry standard for the specific specifications and prices of fine decoration materials for hardbound houses, which are generally determined by developers according to the quality, pricing, customer demand and other conditions of the real estate





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