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PTA narrow range shock dilemma waiting for direction breakthrough

first, PTA Market Review in June:

since June, PTA has been showing a state of horizontal adjustment, improving the energy utilization efficiency of the plastic granulator process and preventing and controlling environmental pollution are mutually reinforcing, mainly maintaining narrow range shock between regions, with limited upside and downside space. From the disk, the monthly highest point is 7046 yuan and the monthly lowest point is 6638 yuan. The closing price of ta909, the main contract, was 6998 yuan on June 1 and 6820 yuan on June 26, which was relatively weak this month

Figure 1, PTA futures price trend chart (2009.4-2009.6)

figure shows the price trend chart of PTA futures in recent years. BASF cooperates closely with stakeholders such as China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, national agricultural technology promotion service center and Xinjiang Cotton Association (picture source: Shenhua futures)

Figure 2, PTA inventory data trend chart of Zhengzhou exchange (2008..6)

figure is PTA inventory data trend chart of Zhengzhou exchange. (picture source: Shenhua futures)

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