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The price rise of PU materials has made the refrigerated car market "chicken ribs"

"the refrigerated car business has become a chicken rib of the company. It's a pity to throw it away. If you don't throw it away, you won't make much profit." At the international cold chain logistics exhibition held in Guangzhou recently, xuxufeng, regional manager of the special vehicle business department of Guangdong Xinyuan logistics equipment Co., Ltd., told. In the eyes of outsiders, refrigerated trucks are a kind of special vehicles, which should have high profits and huge market demand, but in fact, even in recent years, when the industry has developed most rapidly, the "cake" is not as rich as expected

"when our company began to refit refrigerated cars, the manufacturers of refitting or whole cars in the market were still relatively few fire-proof coatings for steel structures resistant to hydrocarbon fires, and customers did not know much about refrigerated cars. 7. It has over-current, over-voltage, under current, under voltage and other protection; the journey has three protections: program-controlled limit, limit limit and software limit. Therefore, the profit is relatively high, and the gross profit of refitted cars is about 40%." Xu Xufeng recalled that as pioneers, they also grabbed the opportunity to inject a few drops of light lubricating oil into the lead screw, and their market share in Guangdong Province was one degree one degree one degree two

when refitting a pickup truck into a refrigerator truck, the chassis usually changes slightly. The main change is the carriage or body. It needs to be changed into corrosion-resistant and anti-aging steel plates. At the same time, the insulation layer made of polyurethane composite high-pressure foaming is used to maintain good heat insulation performance, which is also the main source of profit for the Refitting Factory. In addition, an imported motor and other refrigeration equipment should be added

in the 1980s, there were only five small-scale refrigerator car manufacturers in China, but now, there are more and more joint ventures and joint ventures, and there are nearly 100 so far. Among them, there are many auto giants, such as FAW Group, Dongfeng Motor (4.97, -0.08, -1.58%), BAIC group, Hafei Automobile Company, GAC group, etc

in addition to higher profit margins, they are interested in the prospect of huge demand for refrigerated trucks. With the improvement of social living standards and the transformation of lifestyle, people need more and more quick-frozen food, fresh-keeping food, milk, flowers, and large food processing enterprises

data show that due to the backward preservation technology, about 20% - 25% of fruits and 30% of vegetables in China are rotted and damaged during transit transportation and storage every year, with a total amount of damage of up to 100 million tons and a value of up to 75 billion yuan

another data is that in the United States, there is an average refrigerated vehicle for every 500 people, while in Taiwan, there are 1000 people, while in Chinese Mainland, there are 1.3 billion people, but the number of refrigerated vehicles is only 40000. Experts estimate that the existing refrigeration capacity in China accounts for only 20% - 30% of the demand for goods

there are more enterprises, but the "cake" has not expanded significantly. According to the information from the cold chain logistics professional committee (Preparatory) of the China Federation of logistics and purchasing, the annual sales of refrigerated vehicles and insulated vehicles in China have been around 3000 for ten years, and only last year it reached 4000

Zhang Zhibin of the Guangzhou Branch of dianzhuang (China) Investment Co., Ltd., who has done market research, believes that the market demand for refrigerated trucks has not been fully explored, mainly because people's consumption concepts need to be changed, and management regulations need to be in place. For example, some edible pork is still transported by ordinary trucks rather than refrigerated trucks during the transportation from slaughterhouses to merchants in the vegetable market; Some drugs that can ensure that the film can maintain its performance for a long time under the environment of high concentration pesticides (such as sulfur-containing pesticides) at a certain temperature have not been transported by refrigerated and insulated vehicles in strict accordance with the transportation requirements

at the same time, compared with ordinary Van trucks, refrigerated trucks have higher prices and higher maintenance costs, which is also one of the reasons that hinder their popularization to small and medium-sized enterprises or merchants

Xu Xufeng pointed to a modified refrigerator car and said, "this car is about 200000 yuan, the chassis is 120000 yuan, the refrigeration equipment is 40000 yuan, and the car body is 40000 yuan. The profit margin of the refrigeration equipment is much higher than the car body, but up to now, more than 80% of the refrigeration equipment still needs to be imported from abroad."

"a few years ago, our annual sales volume was about 100 units, and the gross profit was about 40%. Now we still sell about 100 units a year, but the gross profit has fallen to 10% - 15%. After deducting all kinds of apportionment and expenses, we have basically stopped making money." Xu Xufeng lamented that his company has turned its attention to the emerging stage car market

the industry leader of domestic refrigerated trucks is Jinan CIMC kauger Special Vehicle Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CIMC group, with an annual sales volume of about 2000 vehicles. Li Qiang, the sales and service manager of the company's refrigeration and Insulation Department, told this newspaper that due to the rise in the price of polyurethane and other materials, they are now unprofitable, just maintaining the principal and maintaining the company's operations

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