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Zhongyuan Oilfield Engineering Construction Saudi HDPE project completed

Zhongyuan Oilfield Engineering Construction Corporation recast a monument by the Red Sea. Nike cooperates with many stakeholders. After 11 months of hard work day and night by the employees of the Saudi branch of the company, the Yanbu high density polyethylene project on the Red Sea in western Saudi Arabia was recently completed, achieving 3million man hours without accidents, and the qualified rate of construction quality inspection was 100%, which was praised by Party A

The Yanbu high density polyethylene project is the first large-scale fine chemical project contracted by the company in the Saudi market. The project won the bid on August 15, 2008, and the contract period requires that it be physically completed on August 16, 2009. During the construction of the project, the high density polyethylene project Department of the Saudi branch of the company strictly followed the international large-scale fine chemical construction specifications and standards, paid attention to the operation of WBS (work breakdown structure) procedures, and improved the "mass flow" method of process pipe prefabrication and access data management, The application of smartplantreview (plant model roaming and viewing software specially designed for smartplant3d by American Intergraph company) in the construction of international large-scale fine chemical plant projects has been strengthened, and many problems restricting the smooth progress of project construction have been solved

due to the excellent mechanical properties and heat resistance of engineering plastics, the project department also scientifically configures construction resources such as process installation, electrical instruments, ground pipes, civil engineering, etc., so that as soon as the project starts, a construction situation in which all projects go hand in hand can be formed. Although the node construction period of each professional project is tight and risky, the employees have worked hard day and night to ensure that the node construction period of each professional project of 9 sands is completed on time or ahead of schedule. For example, 34.5kv substation is the power center of HDPE project. According to the conventional construction requirements, the construction unit of substation alone requires 40 to 50 skilled technicians, while the electrical instrument team only has 13 technicians. In this case, since December 2008, the staff of the substation have rushed to work day and night. The leaders of the project department and professional technicians stared at the site and took flexible and diverse assurance measures according to different construction stages, ensuring that the first transformer was successfully energized at one time on June 13, and then 17 transformers were successively energized at one time. The construction period of buildings and peripheral civil engineering nodes exceeds the plan. The construction projects of carbon black, catalyst, powder and other three major devices and ethane tank farm undertaken by these two engineering construction teams are also the first to carry out experiments in the whole project within 24 hours, which has the conditions for physical completion

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