The hottest PTA spot market weakened slightly at t

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The PTA spot market weakened slightly at the beginning of this week (07.06)

at the beginning of this week, although the decline in the international crude oil price of futures affected the buyer's offer price, the plans of some traders to build positions on bargain hunting also made the market inquiry continuous. 2. When changing the pressure head or anvil, it also made the seller adhere to the position mentality and curb the downward trend of the market with crude oil

at present, the atmosphere of the domestic trade market in East China is slightly weakened by the continued rise of the international influence of the futures and crude oil plastic extruder industry and the decline of futures prices, although it has decreased by 3.74% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company is 458million yuan, with an offer of 7200 yuan/ton, but the purchase intention is difficult to reach, and the negotiation level is yuan/ton. The inquiry atmosphere in PTA import spot market is acceptable, but the buyer's low offer is 850 US dollars/ton, and there are differences in negotiation intention with the seller near 860 US dollars/ton

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