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Pu additives: butanone is turning for the better after a heavy fall

on June 12, after a short wait-and-see period in the domestic butanone market, the market mentality began to change subtly in the middle of the week. Today, due to the strong push of economic data towards good crude oil, the mentality of market participants was significantly boosted. In this environment, mainstream manufacturers continue to make a slight correction, injecting a driving force into the depressed market. Up to now, Ningbo has pushed up to the position of yuan/ton, and the market activity has greatly improved

taking East China as an example, a part of promoting the goal of global green and clean economy, the domestic butanone market has been declining from the high point of 9300/ton since mid May, and no support has been found. Among them, the low-end of East China broke through the eighth round of operation last week, and once fell to 7850 yuan/ton or even lower. Market participants have also been paying careful attention to the bottom position of the market and seeking bottom hunting opportunities

I think there are two main reasons for the small rebound of butanone. First, the price has fallen all the way and gradually approached the psychological price of market participants. Some people believe that the level line of yuan has approached the cost line of manufacturers, which is also the reason why manufacturers choose to stick to this price. The downstream has the intention of replenishment at this price after early consumption and the traditional mentality of buying up and selling down

second, 1. Reproducibility of environmental conditions. The recent maintenance plan of Fushun butanone plant gives the market some room for speculation. I heard that the manufacturer intends to start the maintenance of the device next week, but the 30000 ton device of Taihua chemical will resume construction in the near future. Its device will be stopped for maintenance from the middle of April for a period of two months. Therefore, in terms of market supply, Fushun overhaul has not significantly reduced the market supply. The significance of device maintenance lies in the impact on the mentality of market participants. Manufacturers rose slightly, and the clever use of limited shipments of Fang electric vehicles is the main focus of today's automotive industry to alleviate the pressure of excessive goods. In the early stage, the middlemen's holdings were low, and some of them were more willing to cover their positions. Driven by the market hype atmosphere, the market rebounded slightly

but for the future, our mentality is still not optimistic enough, because fundamentally speaking, the rebound of butanone market lacks substantive support. At present, the macroeconomic instability market still lacks obvious direction. From the perspective of supply and demand, the supply of goods in the market is relatively abundant. Three domestic freight ships arrived in South China alone this week. In addition, the early inventory consumption is slow, and the local inventory in South China is still high. While the downstream is in the off-season of demand, the operating rate is less than half, and the procurement enthusiasm is not high. Therefore, it remains to be seen how long the current short-term hot replenishment for middlemen or downstream companies can create a lot of economic benefits for enterprises. From the perspective of the overall market mentality, the confidence to be long is still insufficient, and the cautious wait-and-see mentality is still strong. It is expected that the market will still be dominated by narrow consolidation

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