The hottest PTA pressure still exists, and the ope

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PTA pressure still exists, and the operation needs to be cautious

I. review of futures market

the rise of oil price above $110 per barrel last month strengthened people's cautious attitude that high energy costs will damage economic growth. On Monday, NYMEX July 1, crystalline crude oil futures contract fell 0.21% to $100.38. Pta1109 contract opened low in the morning, and the 5-day moving average was supported higher in the afternoon, and then maintained a volatile trend. It rose again in the afternoon and closed higher at 9770 in the late afternoon

II. Analysis of important influencing factors

the EU decided to cancel the anti-dumping tariff of 49.7% on polyester staple fiber imported from China, which will facilitate Far East chemical and other companies to enter the EU market. The EU imposed this anti-dumping tariff in March, 2005. At that time, the EU also imposed similar tariffs on products from South Korea and Saudi Arabia to weaken the competitive pressure of imported products on manufacturers within the EU such as trevira GmbH. The European Union allowed tariffs against South Korea and Saudi Arabia to expire naturally in March 2010, but chose to investigate whether to extend the tax period for Chinese products and still levy them during the investigation period

polyester fiber in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is more stable, and some specifications have increased slightly. Youguang POY, a mainstream factory in Tongxiang, increased by 50 yuan/ton, and 150d/48f was reported at 14250 yuan/ton; Fine denier FDY rose by 100; Polyester/polyester composite yarn rose by 100, and some specifications of DTY and POY in Shengze mainstream factory rose. Wuxi Zhangjiagang FDY multi stable, individual tight pin specifications Zhang hundred yuan, 75/36 half light and light report. Most DTY quotations in Xiaoshao region are stable, with 150D, 200D, 300D mainstream newspapers, 1 raw material, 100

on May 31, the listing price of purified terephthalic acid of Far East petrochemical in June 2011 was 10300 yuan/ton, up 200 yuan/ton from the settlement price of 10100 yuan/ton in May, down 1150 yuan/ton from the settlement price of 11450 yuan/ton in April, down 1700 yuan/ton from the listing price of 12000 yuan/ton in April, down 1600 yuan/ton from the settlement price of 11900 yuan/ton in March, down 1700 yuan/ton from the listing price of 12000 yuan/ton in March, down 1650 yuan/ton from the settlement price of 11950 yuan/ton in February, Compared with the listing price of 11800 yuan/ton in February, it is reduced by 1500 yuan/ton, and 450 yuan/ton compared with the characteristic price of 10750 yuan/ton settled in January. All the products of the company are contract users. At present, the supply of goods is stable. A 600000 ton PTA production line of the company will be shut down for maintenance for about two weeks, and the output will be reduced by 23000 tons

III. technical analysis and operation suggestions

from the technical point of view, the pta109 contract continued to open high and go low on the previous trading day, and stopped falling above the average combination. On Tuesday, the PTA opened low and went high. The intraday dip was supported, and the intraday rise. The closing price of the late trading day was higher than the opening price of the previous trading day, and the closing was above the early pressure. In terms of morphology, PTA stands above the average combination in the short term, but the upward trend is still under the pressure of the early gap. In terms of operation, it is recommended to wait and see

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