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PTA morning review on the 21st: pay attention to the trend of crude oil, PTA maintained shock consolidation

Zhengzhou PTA futures closed up on May 20, of which 1009 contract opened at 7610 yuan/ton, the highest price was 7648 yuan/ton, the lowest price was 7564 yuan/ton, and the closing price was 7592 yuan/ton, up 42 yuan or 0.56 yuan from the settlement price on May 19, with 353300 transactions and 188020 positions. From a technical point of view, PTA rebounded technically, but today's rebound is not strong enough, and the trend has not been changed. In the early stage, short sellers can level some positions first

the accumulation of new materials and technologies in China was relatively weak in the market. Dragged down by investors' concerns about the high crude oil inventory at the futures delivery point and the possible slowdown of the European economy, the crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) closed down on the 20th. The settlement price of the light and low sulfur crude oil futures contract in June fell by $1.86 to $68.01 a barrel, down 2.7%. The contract expired on the 20th, with quiet trading. In June, the contract fell 8% to $64.24 a barrel, the lowest since July 2009. The settlement price of Brent crude oil futures on the ICE Futures Exchange fell $1.69, or 2.3%, to $72 a barrel

in the industrial chain, the upstream PX lost both cost and demand, and has the dual support of wide measurement range, high accuracy, fast response and other characteristics. PX continued to expand its decline, and PX fell sharply compared with the previous day. On the 19th, the closing price of Asian PX was 940 50 US dollars/ton FOB Korea, 958 US $50/ton CFR Taiwan, down US $31 from the previous day. The downstream polyester consumption peak season may be gradually coming to an end, while the domestic PTA plant load is high, PTA oversupply intensifies, and social inventory and futures inventory both show an increasing trend

the polyester chip market is slightly better, while the polyester fiber polyester short market is declining. Although the raw material market was slightly better, the semi-finished slicing market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions was still weak yesterday. The possible negotiation of semi-finished slicing in Xiaoshao market was yuan/ton cash or acceptance in March, and the market was basically wait-and-see. Affected by the rebound of futures, the market mentality of PTA and MEG improved slightly, with more inquiries and slightly higher prices; Fiber polyester is more stable. Affected by this factor, the market of water bottle tablets in East China was light and stable yesterday, and the price was a little chaotic. The factory reported that most of them left the factory with cash at yuan/ton, and they may negotiate yuan/ton, and the trading was depressed

the market situation of Jiangsu and Zhejiang staple fiber declined, and the mainstream quotation in the market was within the range of yuan/ton, and the actual negotiation was at the level of yuan/ton. Downstream buyers purchase on demand, there is no sign of mass purchase, and the market sales are flat. The day before yesterday, the production and sales rate of Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester manufacturers generally fell to about 50%. However, affected by the arrival of downstream cyclical procurement, the production and sales of manufacturers rebounded yesterday, and the decline of polyester market decreased. The decline of some varieties was obvious, such as FDY, partial POY was high, and the price was reduced

the spot market has improved. The seller's offer price in the domestic material market has risen to 7,, 450 yuan/ton, the actual negotiation is about 7350 yuan/ton, and the actual offer in the external market is between US dollars/ton. However, the raw material p-xylene was closed on Wednesday. 3. A device that can accurately describe the stress-strain curve There is a close relationship between the tensile value and the gauge distance in the tensile sample. For example, the tensile stress of the sample Cui Lixin has run 27 times continuously, and the force value of the sample stretching to the given elongation needs to be measured, while the constant stress needs to measure the gauge distance of the sample stretching to the given stress After the experiment, the accurate stress-strain curve can reproduce the experimental process and clearly reflect the values of each experimental section, which is convenient for calculating the items required by the experiment The market fell sharply by 31 dollars/ton, and FOB South Korea closed at 940 US $75/ton, CFR Taiwan closed at 958 75 dollars/ton. In addition, the downstream polyester and polyester market inventory has increased, and the overall production and sales are poor. Therefore, the upstream and downstream conditions of PTA market are weak, and the fundamentals are still short. The recent trend is mainly to follow the trend of international oil prices. Whether the future market can continue to rebound is expected to mainly depend on whether the international oil prices can maintain the rising trend

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