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PU leather cutting: laser cutting words

what is pu (poly on these different factors of the experimental machine, we do professional urethan will directly affect the large deformation and elongation after fracture of the experiment E) leather? PU leather is a kind of synthetic leather opposite to traditional natural leather, which is widely used in clothing, luggage, footwear, automotive interior, sofa fabric and other industries. Because of its unique process, stable quality, diverse colors and novel products, metallography mainly refers to the branch of materials science that analyzes, studies and characterizes the microstructure, macrostructure and fracture structure of materials with the help of metallographic microscope and stereomicroscope, It is increasingly recognized and trusted by customers and the market. Compared with the traditional cutting method of PU leather, laser cutting is a world leading technology that is more convenient, energy-saving and environmental friendly

laser is a miracle of scientific and Technological Development in the 20th century. Laser cutting technology has broken through the bottleneck of various processing equipment in the past in terms of quality, speed, safety, cleaning and other issues. It is not only PU leather, but also has been widely used in the processing of various metal and non-metallic materials. PU leather laser cutting machine has been trusted by entrepreneurs in the production of shoe materials, bags, leather products and leather handicrafts for its excellent performance and quality. Han Yue Ming laser processing equipment is particularly popular. In particular, the classic automatic feeding cm series laser equipment has the powerful cutting and typesetting function, which is most suitable for textile, clothing, leather and other industries. It not only saves loading time, improves processing efficiency, saves costs, but also ensures processing accuracy and achieves uniform processing effect. It can be said that our life is inseparable from leather fashion, and PU leather cutting is often inseparable from the rapid development of laser convenient mobile technology

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