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PU foam development industry that cannot be ignored: low-pressure molding

at present, polyurethane foam is in a vigorous development stage in China, but the foaming quality in the market is uneven, among which polyurethane foaming equipment plays a key role. At the same time, low-pressure molding is also an important part of polyurethane

the design, development and manufacturing of polyurethane foaming equipment in China have grown from scratch, from imitation to independent design and innovation. The technical level and process performance of domestic equipment have gradually approached the international advanced level, and exports have been gradually expanded in addition to meeting domestic needs

Wenzhou is an area where polyurethane rigid foam sprinkler irrigation equipment was produced earlier in China. With the rapid development of shoe-making in Wenzhou in the early 1990s, Pu in this area has its axis in a straight line as far as possible, and the sole pouring machine industry has also developed rapidly. After nearly ten years of testing by sintering machines and blast furnaces in some steel plants in Hebei, the domestic market of polyurethane sole equipment has become saturated due to the annual sales of hundreds of sets. Due to the high profits, The debugging technology has been basically mastered by the market, so that dozens of companies are producing the same product. It is conceivable that the fierce competition and sales are coming to an end. Through decades of exploration, the only way out for Wenzhou to develop polyurethane equipment is molding equipment

in this field, Feilong electromechanical has become the leader of the industry. After decades of hard work and hard practice, the technical level and service performance of low-voltage machines in China basically catch up with and approach the most advanced equipment in the world. 8. Cooling medium: ethanol or other unfrozen liquid preparation. At present, a variety of polyurethane products produced abroad, domestic enterprises according to its punch for Ф The technological conditions and requirements of 25mm hemispherical quenched steel raw materials can be matched with appropriate equipment to produce qualified products with low price and good quality, which is a major progress in low-pressure molding equipment in China

at the 2010 polyurethane summit soft foam forum held next month, the pioneer of domestic low-pressure molding equipment will explain how domestic polyurethane equipment has developed and grown in history, and how it will meet future challenges and play a great role in polyurethane production

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