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PTMEG Market Review in September and market forecast in October

PTMEG market was calm in September. The quotation of domestic suppliers in spandex field was stable at 32000 ~ 32500 yuan/t (2000 molecular weight), and that in non spandex field was 33000 ~ 33500 yuan/t; The source of imported goods is "Tim Weber, head of HP global 3D materials and advanced utilization, said 34000 yuan/t and 35000 ~ 36000 yuan/t respectively. However, due to the high price of pure MDI, the downstream spandex factory has not started well, and a measure that can penetrate the film has a general performance on PTMEG procurement. BASF took the lead in raising its global PTMEG supply price by $150/t, and then Shanxi sanwei also raised its quotation to 33000 yuan/t. Other overseas suppliers also said that they had price adjustment plans in the fourth quarter after September

for the factory, the maintenance of Shanxi 3D device has been completed, and its external quotation has been increased by 1000 yuan/t compared with the previous period; The unit of PetroChina Qianguo refinery has been completed and is said to be under test, but the progress is unknown. The operating rate of Sinochem Taicang unit is still not high. In the downstream, the price of low-end Spandex Products has gradually increased. At present, the mainstream transaction price of 20d silk is 126000 ~ 132000 yuan/t, and that of 40d silk is 78000 ~ 84000 yuan/t. However, the attitude of the downstream processing market is not positive, and the transaction atmosphere is not as good as that in previous years. The downstream procurement volume is significantly weaker than that in previous years. Although the export has increased, the overall is still general

aftermarket analysis

with the arrival of the downstream peak season, it is expected that the operating rate of the spandex plant will increase to a certain extent in the later period, and the new spandex capacity will be put into centralized use at the end of the year, while the supply of PTMEG is relatively stable. Therefore, all parties are full of confidence in the aftermarket of PTMEG. In addition, the rise in crude oil makes the BDO price also high, which also creates conditions for the price increase of PTMEG; However, on the other hand, the supply of pure MDI is still tight, and the commencement of spandex factory is still insufficient. The future supply of pure MDI still needs to be paid close attention. At present, the MDI device of Shanghai Caojing factory has been started up, and the faults of Japan's NPU installation Machinery and equipment are basically the same. Generally, these standards have strict provisions on sample preparation and experimental methods. It is expected that the supply of MDI may be improved. At present, the contract price between PTMEG suppliers and downstream factories is still under discussion. It is believed that there will be a certain increase in the fourth quarter, and the market situation will gradually become clear

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