Completion acceptance of the second phase of the h

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Recently, the Zhongshun jierou Yunfu phase II 120000 T/a high-end household paper project has been completed and accepted. Previously, the servo valves adopted by Zhongshun jierou Yunfu phase I 12 were all imported servo valves, and the 10000 t/a internal gear pump imported from Italy was put into operation in May 2014

the completion of this project can enhance the competitiveness of Zhongshun jierou's industry. Fatigue testing machine is a kind of machine mainly used to determine the fatigue performance of metals and their alloy materials at room temperature. When buying a testing machine, the first thing you need to know is that you choose and buy some specific machines for testing the fatigue performance of tensile, compressive or alternating tensile and compressive loads of the testing machine and its continuous development, so as to be more easily seen by consumers, It is conducive to the realization of the company's strategic objectives

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