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China's largest PTA plant project started in Zhuhai

Zhuhai officially announced on the 23rd that it will start the construction of China's largest and most efficient PTA (purified terephthalic acid) plant. This new plant is an expansion project of BP Zhuhai BP Chemical Co., Ltd., a joint venture between BP and Zhuhai Fuhua group, and will adopt BP's latest advanced technology. The project is planned to be put into operation at the end of 2007. The annual production capacity of 900000 tons will make it the largest single PTA device in the world. After the expansion is completed, the main instruments and equipment of Zhuhai BP: microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo (Electronic) universal experimental machine, distance gauge, vernier caliper, etc The total annual output will reach 1.4 million tons

PTA is the preferred raw material for polyester production and is widely used in chemical fiber, container, packaging, film production and other fields. In the Chinese market, more than 90% of PTA products are used in the textile industry. According to the statistics of government departments, the consumption of PTA in the Chinese market in 2005 exceeded 10million tons, of which only about 52% came from domestic production and supply

meng De, President of BP's global PTA business, said at the foundation ceremony: "As the world's largest PTA manufacturer, BP is committed to expanding its business in China, because China is the world's largest PTA market. Zhuhai PTA phase II project is an important part of this development strategy. The new technology we use will make Zhuhai phase II the most efficient PTA in the world. With the effective solution of Wharton's capacity bottleneck in the later stage of production, compared with traditional PTA production technology, it can significantly reduce energy consumption and reduce 65% of greenhouse gas emissions, 75% of liquid waste emissions, and 40% of solid waste emissions, which fully meet the requirements of China to effectively use resources and protect the environment while developing its economy. "

Zhuhai Mayor Wang Shunsheng said: Zhuhai BP phase II is the most important foreign-invested project in Zhuhai and one of the most successful Sino foreign joint ventures in China.

Zhuhai BP phase II will be designed, purchased and constructed by a number of Chinese companies, and more than 50% of the materials and equipment will be purchased in China. Through the highly localized project implementation plan, Zhuhai BP phase II will achieve the world's most important goal. Now we are entering product validation The last stage of low investment costs. Zhuhai phase II will significantly improve BP's domestic supply capacity, meet China's rapidly growing PTA demand, and provide competitive raw material supply for China's polyester and textile industries, especially in southern and central China. Zhuhai municipal government and Lingang Industrial Zone will give full support to ensure the safe construction and timely completion of the project

Zhuhai PTA phase II project has been approved by the national development and Reform Commission and the State Environmental Protection Administration

source: Xinhua

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