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The completion of Zhenhai Refining and chemical million ton ethylene and supporting projects

after the completion of Zhenhai Refining and chemical million ton ethylene and supporting projects, the optimization of resource and raw material allocation and value maximization have been achieved. After putting into operation, it can increase the annual sales of more than 20 billion yuan and drive the output value of downstream industries of more than 100 billion yuan, which will become a new "engine" for regional economic development

on December 28, 2009, the intermediate handover ceremony was held for the 1million ton/year ethylene project of Sinopec Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd., marking that this ethylene project with the largest scale, the most advanced technology and the highest localization rate in China has been comprehensively transferred from the engineering construction stage to the commencement and commissioning stage

after the completion of the project, Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. will have 23million tons/year refining capacity and 1million tons/year ethylene production capacity, so that Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. will have 23million tons/year refining capacity to produce products of other sizes and 1million tons/year ethylene production capacity, and become the largest oil refining enterprise and ethylene production base in China

the way to realize the dream

Zhenhai Refining and chemical 1million ton/year ethylene and supporting projects are national key construction projects, the leading projects of Ningbo national petrochemical industrial base, and also the largest industrial project invested in Zhejiang Province in history. Three years ago, Zhenhai Refining and chemical 1million ton/year ethylene project with an investment of nearly 23.5 billion yuan laid the first pile. Since then, Zhenhai Refining and chemical people have embarked on the road to realize their dream of building a landmark enterprise of refining and chemical integration

Zhenhai Refining and chemical ethylene project is constructed according to the development idea of "world-class, high-tech, i.e. the software has the function of historical test data demonstration", the construction principles of "new ideas, new technologies, new systems and new mechanisms" and "low input, high output and high return", with unified supporting facilities, compact device layout, shortened process flow, mutual supply of internal materials and intensive land use, investment saving Cost reduction and other comprehensive advantages are the advantages of customized small panel control system. The project selects advanced cleaner production processes and efficient equipment at home and abroad, strengthens the classified treatment and comprehensive utilization of pollutants, and finally becomes an energy-saving, ecological and environment-friendly demonstration project. Ten sets of ethylene projects are in the middle, and the leading device ethylene cracking device adopts the cooperative technology of Sinopec and abblumumus company of the United States. Three sets of main production devices use foreign patented technology, and six sets of devices completely adopt the technology of Sinopec's independent intellectual property rights, marking that Sinopec has the ability to build high-tech, world-class large-scale ethylene with our own focus in important links such as patented technology, independent design and independent construction, It marks that the development of China's ethylene industry has entered a new stage

the process technology of Zhenhai Refining and chemical 1million ton/year ethylene project will adopt internationally advanced and reliable environmental protection technology, so that the whole project can achieve cleaner production and achieve the international advanced and domestic first-class environmental goals. Zhenhai Refining and chemical large ethylene is designed according to the requirements of environmental protection, cleanness and lightness. The production process adopts world advanced technology with low material consumption, low energy consumption, low emissions of "three wastes" and easy governance, which conforms to the national industrial policy. The large ethylene project also builds an ecological isolation zone to protect the surrounding environment to the greatest extent

three-year battle

facing the major and mission of building national key projects, how to effectively grasp the construction and management of the project and build the ethylene project into a "benefit project, high-quality project, safety project, green project and sunshine project". The leadership of the company has a highly unified understanding: first-class projects need first-class teams! Without an "Iron Army" with first-class style, technology and management, it is impossible to fight and win the battle of building a million ton ethylene plant in just three years

in the selection of construction teams, after strict and standardized bidding procedures, Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Company, the second construction company, the tenth construction company and other engineering construction units with strong strength and excellent performance in Sinopec system were shortlisted; Zhejiang Second Construction Group Co., Ltd. and other local enterprises that have dealt with Zhenhai Refining and chemical industry for many years, with strong qualifications and good reputation, were also shortlisted

in the construction process of the 1million ton/year ethylene project, Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. is determined to forge ahead and dare to manage well, which has written a wonderful record for the construction history of Sinopec's large-scale projects. The ethylene project took only 37 months from commencement to completion; The installation period of ethylene plant from the first steel structure hoisting to the completion of intermediate delivery is only 18 months. Explore and practice the management mode of "small owner, big supervisor" to achieve the goal of managing large-scale projects with the least number of people. There are only more than 150 formal employees in the project management department, creating a record of the least number of owner managers in large ethylene projects. At the same time, Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. has unswervingly adhered to the CCCC standards and established a model of strict CCCC quality standards. Investment, progress, contract and other controls were carried out in a scientific and orderly manner, without major safety, quality and integrity accidents. It is the best managed project in Sinopec's "four major projects". Sinopec headquarters decided to recommend the main unit of Zhenhai Refining and chemical ethylene project to apply for national excellent project

at the beginning of the construction of Zhenhai 1million ton/year ethylene project, resources such as design, construction, equipment manufacturing and material procurement are very tight. The geographical environment of the project is complex, and the construction volume of underground works is very large. During the construction period, the ice and snow disaster in 2008 and the continuous rain in summer and autumn of 2009 have seriously affected the project construction and equipment installation. In the face of various adverse factors, ethylene builders carry forward the spirit of "one family, one heart, one effort, one goal" and spare no effort to promote the construction of large ethylene with the working enthusiasm of "five plus two" and "white plus black". The ethylene project management department has successively organized "100 days of hard work", "100 days of labor competition" and "70 days of decisive battle", setting off another construction climax

At the beginning of the construction of the ethylene project, Zhenhai Refining and chemical company put safety in the first place and quality as the primary goal. Two professional departments, HSE management department and quality control department, were established in the ethylene project management department. The department management responsibilities and job responsibilities of each post were compiled, and the general goal of safety and quality management of the ethylene project was determined. At the same time, a three-level safety and quality management system of owner + supervisor + construction contractor is also established, which defines the responsibilities of each subject, and targets are signed at all levels to form an all-round and whole process management and control of project safety and quality from the management system

there are many ethylene engineering construction units, many types of work involved, and many grade separation operations, resulting in high safety risks. The company is people-oriented and firmly controls the HSE education and training of entry personnel. Every entry personnel must receive systematic safety knowledge education and training and pass the examination before entering the ethylene construction site, so that the concept of "I want to be safe" can really be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. At the beginning of the project construction, the expert team of Qingdao Safety Engineering Research Institute was specially hired to participate in the safety management of the project. In the construction of large-scale process pipe gallery, the safety protection measures of fully paved bamboo springboards were decisively adopted. Although the cost was increased, the accidents of falling from height and object strike were basically eliminated. Comprehensively implement the "safety vest" action, and all on-site safety supervisors wear eye-catching safety vests, hoping to bring help to everyone, so as to strengthen the deterrence of on-site HSE management

after long-term running in with each other, all construction units have a deep feeling about the concept of Zhenhai Refining and chemical quality management. Zhenhai Refining and chemical has successively issued 14 quality management systems and 71 quality control letters, including the "guidelines for the setting of quality control points", and also moved the "gateway" forward for quality control at all levels

Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. actively creates a good atmosphere of "all staff are responsible for the project quality". The project management department also actively invited the superior quality supervision department to "feel the pulse" and "consult" the project quality, and has received the quality inspection organized by Sinopec quality supervision station for four times. At the end of June, 2009, it received the first process quality evaluation of creating a national high-quality project organized by China Construction Enterprise Management Association

it is the dream of generations of Zhenhai Refining and chemical people to take the road of oil and chemical integration and become a real oil refining and chemical integration enterprise. After the large ethylene project is completed and put into operation, Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. will have an annual refining capacity of 23million tons and an annual ethylene production capacity of 1million tons, become the largest oil refining enterprise and ethylene production base in China, form a development pattern of "two wings flying together" in oil refining and chemical industry, and realize the optimization and value maximization of resources and raw material allocation. According to theoretical calculations, after the project is put into operation, it can increase the annual sales of more than 20 billion yuan and drive the output value of downstream industries of more than 100 billion yuan, which will have a significant impact on the economic pattern of Zhejiang and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and become the new "engine" of regional economic development

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