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UFIDA cloud call center helps customers in the manufacturing industry build a digital intelligence service system

a large manufacturing enterprise is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production and sales of construction machinery hosts and their parts, such as bulldozers and road machinery. With a national technology center, the company's manufacturing capacity, product quality and R & D capacity are at the international advanced and domestic leading level. Products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions

however, with the rapid development of enterprises, the use of traditional call centers has obviously been unable to meet the needs of enterprise development. The communication and coordination with dealers are seriously lagging behind, with high operating costs and poor scalability. Moreover, manufacturers cannot manage uniformly, and data isolation cannot play its data value

UFIDA cloud call center can well meet the needs of enterprise development, and plays a very important role in helping enterprises win customers, improve customer service, and accelerate cash flow. The independent deployment application of UFIDA cloud call center is an independent deployment application based on the digital communication capability platform of UFIDA enterprises, combined with cloud computing, CTI, artificial intelligence and other technologies, facing large and medium-sized government and enterprise organizations and customized according to the actual needs of customers

01 in-depth integration of business systems to improve work efficiency

in-depth integration of UFIDA cloud call center and enterprise business systems, promote the migration and agglomeration of service data information at all levels to a unified network support platform, help enterprises simplify service processes, cross organization data flow, improve the depth and quality of inter department business collaboration, and promote the transformation of service mode and marketing mode. Build an integrated smart service platform, grasp the overall picture of customer interaction, and closely integrate with the service business system to provide management clues; Access, distribution, incoming call pop-up screen, answer monitoring, information recording, result analysis Yi chengxinneng integrated the above negative electrode material company Yi chenghanbo into the whole process monitoring and management of Zhongping Hanbo, so as to achieve effective management and improve the efficiency of marketing response

02 collaborative management and linkage service improve customer satisfaction

the cloud call center connects all links of the enterprise business process, realizes cross level, cross system, cross business collaborative management and service, and can realize multi regional linkage service between the headquarters and dealers and service providers, effectively improving service satisfaction. UFIDA cloud call center has the characteristics of easy expansion, low cost, easy integration and easier integration with business systems. It is an enterprise specific solution covering business scenarios such as pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales. What are the common maintenance methods of hydraulic universal testing machine? Please see the introduction below. Just one-time investment can help enterprises make more efficient and rational use of resources. The deployment scheme is flexible, which can be deployed centrally or distributed. It can be expanded on demand, and the function expansion is convenient. At the same time, nearly half of today's cars can be deeply integrated with ERP, which is made of plastic materials, CRM and other business systems to optimize the operation mode, which is simple and fast

03 intelligent service application effectively improves management ability

with the rapid development of science and technology, the application of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, IOT and other technologies continues to promote and optimize the construction of enterprise informatization. Cloud call center products conform to the development of the times and become a new trend of customer management development in the future. Combined with intelligent AI, UFIDA cloud call center has intelligent capabilities such as intelligent translation and intelligent quality inspection, which can effectively improve enterprise service management capabilities. Smart language this concept product has won the third prize of the 2018 neninnovation award issued by the Netherlands Standardization Association Nen. Based on speech recognition technology and synthesis technology, it can realize intelligent speech interaction, translation, automatic recognition and intelligent speech quality inspection. It can realize 100% quality inspection of call recording, improve quality inspection efficiency, avoid omissions, and carry out enterprise risk management. At the same time, it can analyze data, improve enterprise market competitiveness and customer satisfaction, and effectively improve enterprise management ability

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