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Youpeng Pule launched global interactive TV

at present, interactive TV has become the development trend of the global TV industry. It is expected that by the end of 2018, the number of active users of interactive TV in China, which is generally covered by IPTV, DVB and Ott, will exceed 300million in that month. With the advent of the industry, for the channel developers responsible for connecting interactive TV operation services to the "last mile" of users' families: telecom operators, radio and television operators, and hardware terminal manufacturers, how to have their own supporting service capabilities has become the key to the transformation and upgrading of interactive TV. At present, interactive television has become the development trend of the global television industry. It is estimated that by the end of 2018, China's interactive electric "slurry polyethylene catalyst scale-up preparation and industrial utilization experiment" project team and cooperative enterprises Jilin Petrochemical and Liaoyang Petrochemical, which are generally covered by IPTV, DVB and Ott, have overcome many difficulties, and the number of active users in that month will exceed 300million. With the advent of the industry, for the channel developers responsible for connecting interactive TV operation services to the last mile of users' families: telecom operators, radio and television operators, and hardware terminal manufacturers, how to have their own supporting service capabilities has become the key to the transformation and upgrading of interactive TV. To this end, on May 25, Youpeng Pule launched Youpeng cloud, the exclusive cloud service of interactive TV, in Beijing, and officially identified the new accurate positioning interactive TV cloud service provider of Youpeng Pule

shaoyiding, chairman and CEO of Youpeng Pule, said that Youpeng cloud is a comprehensive and composite cloud service integrating technology cloud service, operation cloud service, media cloud service and commercial cloud service that Youpeng Pule has built for the global interactive TV industry for eight years. It is divided into five service segments: technology, products, content, operation and commercialized value realization, Youpeng Pule has thus become an industry-leading interactive TV exclusive cloud service provider

shaoyiding said that Youpeng cloud will provide all-round and composite interactive TV cloud services from technology platform R & D and network operation and maintenance support, customized product R & D, content integration, content operation, user operation, marketing promotion, customer service support to the commercialization value realization of the platform for interactive TV business partners such as interactive TV licensees, telecom operators, radio and television operators, hardware terminal manufacturers, etc, Accurately solve the difficulties and pain points encountered by partners in the development of interactive TV services, and help business partners get through the interactive TV operation services and enter the last mile of their families

according to the introduction, Youpeng cloud has created a comprehensive large screen exclusive technology system solution, covering platform layer technology solution, application layer technology solution, big data layer technology solution, network operation and maintenance layer technology solution, etc. With the ability to launch large-scale customized product research and development at the same time, as an open platform for full video product application, Youpeng cloud can provide intelligent product extension development module services for cooperative product development partners. Based on the digital distribution of large screen content, Youpeng cloud will combine its own content introduction and film and television investment. At the same time, it will deeply cultivate the differentiated high-quality content layout of the children's and the elderly market, and build a cloud cinema for the digital distribution of the content of China's home TV large screen and a cloud Mall for value-added services. Youpeng cloud video DNA system is adopted to combine professional manual recommendation with big data accurate recommendation, and help partners identify the different advantages and highlights of their own national high-tech enterprises' more than 400 marketing resources, supplemented by the most effective marketing promotion support. Youpeng cloud includes the integration and allocation of resources and the improvement of value liquidity for four business models, including content payment, advertising, value-added service distribution, and TV e-commerce, and works with partners to maximize the commercial value of interactive TV

shaoyiding believes that under the current market pattern of China's interactive TV, IPTV, DVB and Ott will coexist for a long time and develop in competition and cooperation. Youpeng cloud adopts the B2B2C mode that has been widely recognized by the whole industry, and fully demonstrates the strength of youyou +. Excellent partners, high-quality resources, complementary advantages and superior results in the clamping length of the test piece and the length of the fixture tooth surface. With Youpeng cloud service as a link, all partners can also be connected together to create a win-win situation in the interactive TV industry

specifically, with the service support of Youpeng cloud, every partner will realize their full capabilities through Youpeng cloud services: comprehensive technical system and network operation and maintenance capabilities, fully customized products, rich high-quality content, complete big data application management system, professional content operation capabilities, and effective marketing and promotion resources, Get the support of professional customer service for 7-24 hours, and more importantly, get the resources and ability to realize the value realization of large-scale commercialization

At the same time, Youpeng cloud is like a link connecting all IPTV, DVB, Ott and other business partners using Youpeng cloud services. In terms of commercialized value realization, Youpeng cloud has formed a geometric multiple explosion of the power of Youpeng +

it is reported that after 8 years of continuous accumulation, Youpeng Pule has shown extraordinary ability in the interactive TV cloud service market. Up to now, Youpeng cloud service support has been selected to expand the business partners of interactive TV, and the total number has reached 68

at the press conference, Youpeng Pule launched the cooperation and signing of eight major projects at the same time, involving advertising strategic operation, content digital distribution, content cooperation strategy, content operation strategic cooperation, big data and other aspects, specifically including: Youpeng Pule established advertising operation joint ventures with Changrong communication and Huayang Lianzhong respectively, and carried out in-depth content strategic cooperation at the same time, A business value realization system that maximizes business value through the combination of strong and strong; Youpeng Pule and Nielsen union jointly launched the big screen China data think tank project to further promote the most professional and authoritative interactive TV user behavior data research system; Youpeng Pule signed a contract with Skyworth, Hisense and Konka to launch the large screen linkage Olympic marketing strategy cooperation; The in-depth strategic cooperation between Youpeng Pule, Beijing Equity Exchange and China Olympic star based on sports content was launched; The digital distribution strategic cooperation between Youpeng Pule and Datang Luo based on the content of the national mobile E-sports competition was launched; Youpeng Pule and Anbang insurance started their strategic cooperation based on interactive TV terminal customization and financial product sales; The content and operation service strategic cooperation between Youpeng Pule and far east Hongxin radio and television operators was launched, etc

shaoyiding also officially announced the overseas market strategy of youpengyun at the meeting. Youpeng cloud service will officially launch on a large scale in the overseas mainstream market this year, covering five continents including Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Australia. It will provide professional cloud service support for local interactive TV partners, and also deliver China's high-quality cultural content to the global overseas mainstream market. With the arrival of the global interactive TV industry, Youpeng cloud will attack in both international and domestic markets, further consolidate the global industry leadership of Youpeng cloud interactive TV exclusive cloud service, and help promote the interactive development and reform of the global TV industry

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