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Yanyang launched P4 level tablet computers, and APC

Yanyang technology recently launched two new tablet computers, apc-8152 and apc-8172. Apc-8152 and apc-8172 have the same performance and specifications except for different 15 and 17 monitors. Apc-8152/apc-8172 is the first Pentium 4-level industrial tablet launched by Yanyang technology. It supports Pentium 4 and Celeron processors based on Socket478, and FSB supports 400/533mhz at most

the ability of APC expansion equipment based on Pentium4 platform is very poor -8152/apc-8172 is your best choice in high-speed computing processing, module 5, temperature display range: ± 1 ℃ analog or control, multimedia and other applications, because it provides 15/17 color TFTLCD, digital i/o, audio and Ethernet functions. In addition, apc-8152/apc-8172 supports 5usb2.0, mini PCI and two PCI slots, with flexible expansion performance. Users can easily use a wide range of search through memory, SCSI card, sound card/video capture card, wireless network module, Bluetooth module, which can change the application of customers in recent years. The memory of apc-8152/apc-8172 has great flexibility, and users can expand it according to their own needs. In addition, for different application fields, apc-8152/apc-8172 can provide a variety of CPU options, so users can choose Pentium 4 processor to support 3.06GHz for applications with high performance requirements. Most Pentium 4-level CPUs are suitable for apc-815, which has the characteristics of simple operation. 2

ddrdram supports 1GB, 4xagp, and 5.1 channel audio output. Apc8152/8172 can provide powerful multimedia functions. It can be used in many fields, such as automotive, machinery, petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical kiosk, and game consoles

apc-8152/apc-8172 was fully launched on July 16th, 2004

apc-8152/apc-8172 features

15/17 tftxga (1024x768) LCD

intelpentium4 and Celeron processor based on Socket478 3.06GHz, support hyper threading technology

anti vibration HDD

waterproof front panel, with USB interface, IP-65 certification

support 16 in or 16 out digital i/o

resistive touch screen (optional)

2 PCI expansion interfaces

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