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Yanyang introduces wide temperature XTX CPU module

Yanyang technology. The main manufacturers of industrial PC are honored to introduce you a new XTX CPU module xtx-u15b, which adopts the latest Intel Atom processor z5xx series (z530p/z520pt/z510p/z510pt) to meet the needs of today's embedded market, including wide temperature, low power consumption and high integration

xtx-u15b uses Intel Atom processors z530p, z520pt, z510p and z510pt, Intel system controllers hub us15wp and us15wpt onboard, DDRII 400/533 sodimm up to 2GB. This new product developed by Yanyang is based on the latest Intel's processors and system controllers, providing customers with perfect technologies and solutions

"xtx-u15b uses widely recognized Intel long-life embedded components to fulfill the service life guarantee. This newly developed Intel CPU tin ball span is larger than the previous Intel Atom processor, so it does not need HDI technology. Xtx-u15b, which simplifies the production process, has higher price competitiveness compared with similar products in the market." Wayne Chen, Yanyang embedded computer department, said. "In addition to the above, xtx-u15b also has no fan and two chips to provide high performance and low power consumption (≤ 7W). It is an ideal application in the mobile market." Valeo's exterior turn signals and wiper rods, "Wayne added

"Intel extends the low-power Intel Atom processor z5xx series, which is based on an industrial temperature platform of 40 ~ 85 C and a large number of 1.0 mm tin balls. Take a real example of a medical shaper testing a drug distribution device: the company tests the span version on three separate stations." Jonathan Luse, marketing director of Low-Power Embedded department, said. "This requires computer platform suppliers, such as Yanyang, to adopt low-power design, which can be applied to a variety of different climatic regions or extreme hot environments."

xtx-u15b has flexible expansion interfaces, such as two PCI express channels, 32-bit PCI, LPC bus, SM bus and 12C, which can reduce the cost of equipment expansion. In terms of storage, it caters to the optional on-board PATA hard disk storage. Multiple display functions are supported by 24 bit LVDS interface and one sdvo interface, which can be compatible with a variety of devices and realize composite display technology. Two serial ports, eight USB interfaces and one Gigabit Ethernet meet the requirements of today's highly integrated system. Xtx-u15b has a wide range of target application markets, such as handheld devices, including strong medical and health care mobile devices, military applications, infotainment systems, POS, etc. To meet various market demands, xtx-u15b is your best choice

about Yanyang

Yanyang Technology (aaeon) was founded in 1992. At the beginning of its establishment, the company mainly focused on the single board computer market. In 1994, Yanyang established its own research and development team. In 1999, it was officially issued on the OTC stock market in Taiwan. In 2000, in order to integrate the market strength, astech Technology Co., Ltd. was acquired. The solution to the failure of the formal computer pull machine online is roughly these two steps across the LCD computer field. At present, our products include embedded single board computers, liquid crystal tablets, medical tablets, industrial computers, industrial chassis, integrated workstations, industrial liquid crystal displays, firewalls and related accessories

Yanyang Technology Group has branches or offices in global markets such as the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia. In 2003, in response to the needs of the mainland market, it successively set up branches in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, and set up production and maintenance bases in Suzhou Industrial Park, aiming to provide the best services to customers in the mainland! For more detailed information about the fine Yanyang products of PAN based carbon fiber composites (processed products) according to the types of resins added (thermosetting resin and thermoplastic resin), please go to Yanyang science and technology station

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