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STMicroelectronics (st for short; NYSE: STM) and the world's leading advanced robot research center, the famous Italian University of Santa Ana in Pisa (scuolasuperioresant Anna) announced the establishment of a joint reason: laboratory, work together to develop bionic robots, intelligent systems and microelectronic technology research and innovation

in order to expand the research scope of bionic robots with human structure and behavior, Italian French semiconductor and the Bionic Robot Research Institute of Santa Ana University in Pisa have established a joint laboratory in Catania, Italy, to strengthen the understanding of the motion principles of various biological systems such as sensing, execution, dynamics and control through their respective advantages. In the fields of robotics and automation, intelligent system integration, and the exploration of new materials and technologies (including optoelectronics and plastic electronics), STMicroelectronics' R & D strength is in the leading position in the world. The laboratory will help both sides conduct in-depth exchanges and close cooperation in the future, and better understand the physical design of the robot body and the organizational structure of the inductive nervous system

in the past five years, STMicroelectronics has cooperated with Santa Ana University in Pisa to develop and promote robots and intelligent systems based on STMicroelectronics' advanced semiconductor product technology. The completed cooperation projects include the dustbot science platform, which integrates the automatic navigation service robot that can carry out garbage classification and collection and adopts many industry-leading innovative technologies, street corner cleaning function. This robot has been successfully displayed in the world in 2009

STMicroelectronics provides logistics, materials and equipment as well as senior researchers for the joint laboratory. The joint laboratory will further strengthen the cooperative relationship between Santa Ana University of Pisa and STMicroelectronics' researchers and engineers, explore new concepts and applications in the fields of bionic robots, intelligent sensors and energy collection, and test the application of new materials, so as to expand the application scope of today's microelectronics technology

intelligent system refers to micro devices that integrate sensing, execution and control functions. In this technical field, the two sides have begun to explore the potential of intelligent sensors in medical applications. At present, the Santa Ana University of Pisa and experts of Italian French semiconductor are cooperating to develop intelligent toys equipped with motion and pressure sensors to help doctors diagnose children's neurodevelopmental retardation and autism at an early stage. When children play with smart toys, the system will continuously monitor children's movements and posture, as well as how to pick up or hold toys. Researchers expect that these diagnostic tools will help doctors diagnose neurodevelopmental abnormalities before children can speak. Through cooperation with medical institutions and toy manufacturers, researchers from Anna College of Pisa and STMicroelectronics expect that in the next two years, the difference between dynamic fatigue testing machine and servo fatigue will complete the prototype design of baby toys with built-in sensors, including detailed and clear doctor's operation guidelines

professor paolodario, Dean of the Bionic Robot Research Institute of Santa Ana University in Pisa, said: bionic robots and intelligent systems will play an important role in the sustainable development of human society in the 21st century, from manufacturing to health care, from smart homes to environmental protection, bionic robots and intelligent systems will improve the quality of human life. The joint laboratory will promote us to make new progress in the research and development of intelligent systems integrating microelectronics, machinery and computing technologies

carmelopapa, senior executive vice president of Italian French semiconductor, general manager of industry and multi marketing department, and project leader of European intelligent system platform (EPoSS), said: in the research and development of robots and intelligent systems, semiconductors play an important role in promoting technological innovation, By integrating the decades' experience of Italian French semiconductor in the field of semiconductor technology and industrial automation, which is expected to be completed and put into production early in 2015, and the world-renowned robot expertise of Santa Ana college in Pisa, we are committed to accelerating the progress of new applications and products that can enrich and protect human life. R & D cooperation is an important part of the inherent characteristics of Italian French semiconductor and the company's strategic goals. We firmly believe that the new laboratory is a model of industry university cooperation that transforms rich R & D concepts into commodities with global market competitiveness

by boldly looking forward to the future of mankind, the experts of Santa Ana College of Pisa and Italian French semiconductor plan to set the fascinating bionic robots as the research direction. These new robots will have flexible and consistent properties. Their bodies are made of shape memory materials, can move freely, interact safely with human beings physically and emotionally, and have social ability. The Joint Laboratory of Italian French semiconductor and Santa Ana University in Pisa has all the conditions required for the development of these companion robots, and strives to participate in the research and development of companion robots in the future and emerging technology projects of the European Union. For example, the joint laboratory will explore how to change the robot elbow motor into an artificial muscle to achieve a robot with a lighter weight and a human like appearance

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