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Yibin lays out many industries: shale gas and other industries are highly expected

Yibin lays out many industries: shale gas and other industries are highly expected

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in the recently issued guiding opinions of the State Council on promoting the development of the Yangtze River economic belt by relying on the golden waterway (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), the construction of inland ports, the construction of new airports, the development of shale gas and other aspects involve Yibin, an important town in southern Sichuan

this undoubtedly gives new hope to Yibin City, which is in the period of economic transformation - because with the introduction of a series of central policies such as the eight regulations, the brewing industry, which once provided nearly one-third of the industrial added value of Yibin, has ceased to be prosperous. Coupled with the market downturn of another pillar industry of Yibin - the coal industry, Yibin's industrial added value fell to the lowest point in early 2014

shenhualin, director of Yibin Investment Promotion Bureau, revealed that successfully exploring the best process parameters of reverberatory lead smelting and the proportion of feed raw material additives, how to introduce and cultivate emerging industries with the help of the country, and get rid of the impact of the downturn in the Baijiu and coal industries, are the problems encountered by Yibin after several years of rapid economic development

the economy suffered a landslide

according to public data, the GDP growth rate of Yibin City was 12.6% from 2011 to 2013, which was mainly driven by investment. The relevant person in charge of Yibin development and Reform Commission said that the contribution rate of investment to Yibin's GDP in recent years was more than 60%. In the past, Yibin's economy was mainly driven by industry, but since last year, the growth rate of the traditional industrial economy has declined. In the troika of economic growth, due to the stable consumption and the small proportion of exports, it is expected that Yibin's GDP will still be mainly driven by investment in the next few years

like other cities in China, Yibin City, which is trapped by GDP assessment indicators, has the experience of blindly introducing industries. For example, from 2007 to 2009, due to the impact of the financial crisis, Yibin was also "hungry for food" in its industrial choice. Shen Hualin said, "as long as there are enterprises willing to come to Yibin and can improve the added value of local industries, we will introduce them"

after 2010, Yibin began to look for new economic growth points other than Baijiu and coal more scientifically. At present, the development plan of Yibin is "three centers and six bases": Sichuan commercial logistics center, southern Sichuan financial center and Sichuan Yunnan Guizhou regional transportation hub; Famous Baijiu industry development base, comprehensive energy deep development base, major equipment and machinery manufacturing base, strategic emerging industry base, new chemical industry light textile base and green food intensive processing base

it is worth noting that the Baijiu and coal industry in Yibin is not stagnant. "Many people are optimistic about the investment opportunities brought about by the current downturn in the Baijiu market", Shen Hualin said, "but it is not a simple capacity expansion, but a merger and reorganization. For example, in the past, when funds invested in Baijiu industry in Yibin, the main direction is to expand production capacity. Now there is basically no phenomenon."

in terms of coal industry, at present, there are mainly funds from Yunnan, Guizhou and Shaanxi provinces, but the purpose is to increase capital and shares of existing equipment for technological transformation

in addition to investigating its own industrial structure, Yibin City, located between the two huge economies of Chengdu and Chongqing, objectively has to face the situation of competing with these regions with strong competitive advantages

Shen Hualin recalled that in April this year, he learned that red bull management was going to Chongqing. The night before, Shen Hualin led a team from Chengdu to Chongqing. The night before red bull executives met with local officials, he had a project negotiation with red bull, and finally Red Bull chose Yibin

layout multiple industries

in the above-mentioned "three centers and six bases" plan of Yibin and the "guiding opinions of the State Council on promoting the development of the Yangtze River economic belt by relying on the golden waterway", there are many overlapping development guidelines for Yibin, which makes Yibin see the advantages brought by policy dividends

as mentioned in the above opinions, "promote shale gas exploration and development, and build Sichuan Changning Weiyuan and other national shale gas comprehensive development demonstration areas."

Yibin Municipal Development and Reform Commission said that since Sichuan Changning Natural Gas Development Co., Ltd. is registered in Yibin, Yibin's tax revenue will benefit from it, and Yibin, which has long been short of gas, can also be alleviated by the exploitation of shale gas

except for shale gas, Yibin intends to lay out the nuclear power industry. The driving force is that the 812 nuclear power fuel plant in Yibin is currently responsible for the supply of most nuclear fuel rods for all nuclear power plants in China. The largest market that the plant wants to use in the future is computers, office equipment, automobiles, replacement glass and sheets to expand the nuclear fuel industry

as Yibin is also regarded as a new base of equipment manufacturing industry in Sichuan Province, it is possible to introduce the heavy assembly production line of nuclear power industry

in terms of the new airport, Yibin development and Reform Commission said it was also working hard

in addition, although Yibin is rich in hydropower resources, according to its layout, it will not launch large-scale hydropower projects during the 13th Five Year Plan period. The development of shipping industry mainly depends on inland waterways including the Yangtze River

part of Yibin in this regard is to use Yibin port to build a regional trade and logistics center. However, what troubles Yibin is that among the four large hydropower stations in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, except Xiangjiaba, no shipping facilities have been built, which will greatly affect the logistics and transportation role of Yibin port in the future. "At present, we are discussing with the Three Gorges company, hoping to consider local demand and increase shipping facilities", said a relevant person from Yibin development and Reform Commission

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