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YASKAWA electric launched rewalk, a robot that assists spinal cord injury patients to walk.

after wearing rewalk (personal version)

Yaskawa electric, which takes the cause of human-computer cooperation as the development vision in 2025, has been selling rewalk, an auxiliary device for spinal cord injury patients to walk since June 1, 2015. Jinan new era Shijin Instrument Co., Ltd. is based on the principle of manufacturer's leading production technology. The rehabilitation assistive device is divided into personal version and hospital version, and the price is open-ended. The personal version is sold, and the hospital version is sold or rented. The launch time in China market is to be determined

Yaskawa electric started strategic cooperation with rewalk robotics on September 25th, 2013. Through the establishment of rewalk Research Association and participation in the Kanagawa Prefecture Public Offering robot verification experiment support project, the application method of rewalk popularized in Japan was established, and the solution to the construction problem was studied

physiotherapist training scenario

rewalk, as an exoskeleton like robot, does not use force sensors and EMG sensors, and realizes the naturalization of walking and the simplification of wearing through the original calculation program algorithm that can locate the wearer's body center of gravity. It has been commercialized in Europe and the United States, which can help patients with lower limb paralysis caused by spinal cord injury to stand and walk. After patients receive use training in the designated hospital (basic training is actually 20 hours, application training is at least 20 hours), the correct use method of the ring stiffness testing machine and the normal protection of the equipment can be used in daily life if the experimental space is large

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