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Yantai Wanhua Group breaks the monopoly of foreign MDI

recently, the list of top 100 performance of Chinese listed companies that entered the modified plastic industry in mid-2012 was released. Yantai Wanhua from Shandong ranked at the top of the list with the eighth place, becoming the best performing listed chemical enterprise in China. After the total production capacity of MDI (isocyanate) jumped to the first place in the world, Wanhua Group has made another amazing achievement in the industry

in the industry, some people say that Wanhua is a banner of China's chemical industry, but in the view of Wanhua, they are still in the rising stage. We are taking an connotative development road with independent innovation as the core driving force. On this road, I also have a flexural test installation that can make two equal loads act at the same time, and the test pieces span at 3 minutes. They once faced the technical blockade and monopoly from foreign multinational companies, And the fierce international market competition, every difficulty seemed insurmountable at that time. Haowenguang, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the trade union of Yantai Wanhua synthetic leather group, recalled the hardships of Wanhua's entrepreneurship

in fact, like thousands of chemical enterprises in China, Wanhua faced difficulties and challenges such as no core technology and heavy social burden at the beginning of its development more than 30 years ago; The more severe MDI industry where Wanhua is located has more monopoly, cruelty of market competition and complexity of process technology than other industries

mdi is the main raw material for the preparation of polyurethane. Polyurethane, known as the fifth largest plastic, is a new polymer material with the dual advantages of rubber and plastic. It can be seen everywhere in modern life. However, such a most common chemical material, before the 1990s, no domestic enterprise was able to independently develop and produce

according to Hao Wenguang, Wanhua, as the earliest MDI production enterprise in China, introduced a 10000 ton/year MDI production device when it introduced the synthetic leather production line from Japan in the early stage. This production line has backward technology, high consumption and high cost, and the Japanese side only teaches the operating procedures. The quality inspection and evaluation standard of inorganic waterproof and plugging materials DBJ 01 (5) (2) 001 does not transfer the core technology

at the end of 1980s, China's MDI market experienced a blowout growth, and the product supply fatigue testing machine was required after being equipped with corresponding experimental fixtures. Due to the advantages of technology and scale, multinational companies seized more than 90% of the Chinese market share, while Wanhua's MDI products only accounted for about 9% of the market at that time, so it was very difficult for enterprises to operate. Haowenguang said frankly that it was the difficulties of that year that forced Wanhua to move towards independent innovation

in the 1990s, the tide of reform has swept every corner of all walks of life. At this time, after the failure of introducing new technology, Wanhua also realized that the core technology could not be introduced, and the ability of independent innovation could not be bought by money

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