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Yanxiang Huishi machine vision: go all out to create a new era of machine vision

Yanxiang Huishi machine vision: go all out to create a new era of machine vision

China's construction machinery information

on the road of the industrial 4.0 era, global manufacturing powers have launched national manufacturing strategies, such as amp 2.0 in the United States, the system will automatically detune, Germany's industrial 4.0 system, Japan's Robot Revolution, etc, As a world manufacturing power, China, which fully abides by Hooke's law, has launched the strategy of expanding intelligence + and building industrial interconnection. This strategy is not only the development of industrial equipment, but also the transformation from "made in China" to "made in China"

but in reality, China's industrial road is not smooth! Since China opened up, Siemens, Honeywell and other foreign enterprises once dominated the Chinese market, and Chinese industrial users have become "loyal fans" of foreign enterprises

in this environment, China's industrialization path is controlled by foreign enterprises. Therefore, Yanxiang intelligence, established in 1993, took up the sword and shield and participated in the battle of China's industrialization development. It not only represents itself, but also represents the development direction and autonomy of China's industrialization

Yanxiang Intelligence: the theme of "low-key"

people who understand the history of Shenzhen know that Shenzhen, from a border town to a modern metropolis with high-rise buildings, is inseparable from the sweat, enthusiasm and youth of countless "pioneers". They do not pursue a bright appearance, do not pursue fame, but silently do their own things, focus on their own career, and provide their own strength for the development of the country

Yanxiang intelligence, founded in 1993, is one of the "pioneers" in Shenzhen

in the eyes of the outside world, Yanxiang is a "low-key" enterprise, so low-key that it is not known by the public; In the industry, Yanxiang intelligent is so high-profile: Yanxiang led the preparation of all 29 national standards for the special computer industry, undertook the drafting of the "13th five year plan" industrial computer development plan entrusted by the Ministry of industry and information technology, and has more than 830 patents and more than 1300 non patented core technologies and other independent intellectual property rights. The average annual investment in research and development funds accounts for 10% of the enterprise turnover

Nietzsche once said that "gold always shines", and so does Yanxiang! Due to its outstanding achievements in adhering to independent innovation in technology and management, Yanxiang has won the titles of national innovative enterprise, national high-tech enterprise, key software enterprise in the national planning layout, key high-tech enterprise in the national torch plan, top 100 independent innovation enterprises of Chinese enterprises, group member of the first science and technology Cooperation Committee of the Chinese Academy of engineering, national quality benchmark, national manufacturing single champion demonstration enterprise Honors such as national advanced grassroots party organization, Guangdong innovative enterprise, and Guangdong advanced enterprise in harmonious labor relations; It has the national special computer engineering technology research center, the National Engineering Laboratory, the national enterprise technology center, the academician workstation, the postdoctoral research workstation, and the Chinese well-known trademark "EVOC"; The company and its products have also won many national, provincial and municipal awards for many times

these, Evonik intelligence did not make too much publicity, but turned to continue to invest in the research and development of the industrial field. In the continuous research and development, Evonik intelligence gradually became the leading enterprise in China's industrialization and continued to contribute to China's industrialization path

AI is coming, from "automation" to "intelligence"

as China's industrial road moves towards automation, AI applications have gradually entered it, especially in machine vision analysis technology, which is mainly based on detection

product testing is an essential part of industrial production. It is not only to detect the good and bad of products, but also the key point of whether the batch products pass the quality standard

but at present, product testing is carried out by experienced employees, but employees will inevitably have problems such as visual fatigue and slow testing after a long time of testing, which will lead to various problems in product quality

at the same time, the difficulties in recruiting and retaining front-line production personnel have become increasingly obvious with the development of society. The head of the workshop manual visual inspection team once commented on the workshop staff: "training for one month, working for six months, and running!"

based on this, many manufacturing users propose to replace personnel with machines to detect products, so as to solve various problems faced by the manufacturing industry

and yanxiangzhi is also an important characterization parameter that reflects the changes in the internal organizational structure of metal. After obtaining the needs of users, in view of years of experience in product testing, combined with the application of AI technology, a machine vision team was established in 2013, and Lin Miao was appointed as the team software leader

Lin Miao, head of Yanxiang Intelligent Machine Vision Business Department

now as the head of Yanxiang Huishi machine vision business department, Lin Miao recalled that when he first received the task, he was both happy and with a trace of guilt - once machine vision is widely used in the manufacturing industry, product inspection positions are replaced by machines, and inspectors will face the crisis of layoff. But this guilt was immediately resolved. Lin Miao told OFweek, "looking back at the pace of history, it is not difficult to find that many traditional occupations have been replaced by modern technology, and these people have more career choices with the progress of technology."

After solving the problem, Lin Miao devoted himself to the work of the machine vision division

however, with the development of the industry, more and more enterprises have proposed AI based machine vision applications. In this environment, true and false AI are interspersed. Lin Miao put forward his own view on this: "the machine vision developed by Yanxiang intelligence is based on deep learning, so as to avoid unqualified products due to the interference of the manufacturing environment."

for Lin Miao, the real AI machine vision inspection is not a single inspection of the product surface, but more about whether the product is qualified and whether machine vision can ignore the impact of the production workshop environment. Only by solving these problems can we better serve the enterprise

in order to better train the "Ai brain", the machine vision team led by Lin Miao adopted the "end cloud end" deep learning mode

through continuous in-depth learning during the operation of a single device, and uploading the relevant data and information to the cloud for unified classification and secondary learning, and then publishing it to all devices for updating, so as to improve the accuracy of machine vision in a short time and quickly improve the "practical" ability of Yanxiang intelligent detection equipment

artificial intelligence machine vision has officially made Yanxiang intelligence move from "automation" to "intelligence"

it has been six years since the establishment of the machine vision business department in 2013 Lin Miao sighed that this is not only the passing of time, but also the iteration and upgrading of Yanxiang intelligent machine vision technology. The hardships and difficulties have been transformed into the reputation of Yanxiang users and passed down from mouth to mouth

in these six years, Yanxiang intelligent has created two "wheels" for the "carriage" of machine vision inspection - the production and manufacturing inspection of display panels and the surface inspection of irregular objects

(1) production, manufacturing and inspection of display panels:

with the development of 2K, 4K and 8K display technology, the requirements for inspection accuracy are higher and higher, and there are many product specifications and sizes. In order to solve this problem, Yanxiang adopts adaptive multi-size technology, micro target defect detection and positioning and other technologies for display panels with different resolutions and specifications. For staff, Detecting the display panel is a very boring and single job

it is understood that with the help of Yanxiang intelligent machine vision testing equipment, 5000 display panels can be tested a day. These products have been applied in batches in Skyworth, BOE, Gaochuang, Lexian, Changhong and other well-known enterprises

(2) irregular object surface detection:

for irregular surface detection, the most important problem to be solved is how to make the product achieve 360 ° shooting without dead corners. In order to solve this problem, Evonik intelligent designs relevant turning devices and configures four cameras. After taking pictures of objects at the same time from four angles, the product will automatically turn inside the device, and the camera will automatically take pictures. Through multiple photos from different angles, the system automatically synthesizes and detects

based on AI deep learning, this detection device can effectively avoid detection problems caused by oil stains or other objects. The products developed based on this technology received high attention in the fourth military civilian integration exhibition, and this technology was awarded the title of excellent paper by the military

it is based on this "two wheeled carriage" that Yanxiang intelligent machine vision business department is better run forward

future: deeply cultivate the industry and constantly expand

for Evonik intelligence, it has reached a peak in the industrial field. With the help of AI technology, it can upgrade "production" to "intelligent manufacturing". Although there are many industry manufacturers emerging in the field of machine vision, it is not enough to worry about Evonik intelligence

Lin Miao said to OFweek, "Yanxiang intelligence has been deeply cultivated in the industrial field for 26 years. It is one of the few established enterprises in the domestic industrial field. Although a large number of AI enterprises have begun to set foot in the industry in recent years, its foundation is still shallow."

in order to better get close to customers and consolidate the industrial video detection market, Yanxiang intelligence will focus on three points in the future:

1. Unmanned detection section of display panel production and manufacturing

based on 26 years of technology accumulation and successful cases, Yanxiang intelligence has become the most advanced enterprise with complete products in the country in terms of display panel solutions, which can be said to lead its peers in the field of similar products for more than a year. In this field, Yanxiang intelligence is currently cooperating with customers to jointly create an unmanned display panel manufacturing and testing section. The project has entered the implementation stage and is expected to be put into use in 2020

2. Surface detection solutions

in order to better meet the needs of users, Yanxiang intelligent launched products such as LED bracket defect detection, socket panel defect detection, magnetic tile defect detection for surface detection, which have been applied in batches in many customers

3. Industrial intelligent interconnection

intelligent manufacturing is not only a problem in the manufacturing process, but also a problem of interconnection between equipment. In order to achieve intelligence in all aspects, Yanxiang intelligence will deploy intelligent interconnection, interconnect production data such as personnel, equipment, production materials, environment, process, etc., derive innovative capabilities such as deep learning, intelligent optimization, intelligent prediction, and truly demonstrate intelligent manufacturing

according to relevant data, 40% of China's GPD is produced by manufacturing. The realization of intelligence has become an urgent demand in the current industrial field

here, as a leader in the industrial field, Yanxiang intelligence is bound to shoulder the burden of building China's industrial interconnection, contribute its own strength to China's realization of the manufacturing power strategy, and strive to realize a new era of China's industrial development

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