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Zoomlion strategy interpretation: Internet and finance are the next hot spot

Zoomlion strategy interpretation: Internet and finance are the next hot spot

2015 from this point of view - China Construction machinery information

Zoomlion released its 2015 semi annual report on the evening of August 30, and the company achieved an operating revenue of 10.571 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 24.43%; Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies -310 million yuan; Net profit after deducting non recurring profit and loss -399 million yuan; Basic earnings per share -0.04

Zoomlion said that in the second half of 2015, the company will focus on the development of the "2+2+4" strategy, that is, based on the two markets of products and capital, promote the integration of manufacturing and interconnection, industry and finance, strengthen the four plates of construction machinery, environmental industry, agricultural machinery and financial services, and create a global high-end equipment [-3.98%] manufacturing enterprise

according to the strategy of Zoomlion, the recent combination of Internet and finance is the general trend, that is, the current combination of Internet and finance. It is understood that this industry has taken the lead in exploring in the field of new energy vehicles. At present, the development of this industry is very rapid, which has attracted extensive attention of financial enthusiasts across the country. Through the emerging financial management method of Internet finance, many people have earned the most stable high income and fixed value-added for their idle funds

among them, as a rising and popular financial platform with poor anti-interference ability, it has been pursued by many investors. The annualized yield of the platform's target is mainly 16%, up to 18%. The platform's financial products are very popular. Although after this, with the continuous development and growth, the overall interest rate of the platform has decreased, according to the interest rates of many platforms in the Internet financial industry, Heap of gold still belongs to the higher category, and its popularity has not been particularly affected

at the same time, the Internet finance industry will also be an important development trend in the future. It is reported that Internet finance is the second major argument that people mainly talk about after the stock market, that is to say, Internet finance has gradually entered people's lives and, like the stock market, is inseparable from people's lives. However, the era when most people habitually bought treasury bonds, bank financial management and baby products has passed. Due to the impact of the central bank's two interest rate cuts, the earnings of all traditional financial management industries have fallen sharply, except for the Internet financial industry, which has remained unchanged

through these aspects, we can see the development trend of the Internet finance industry in the future. In addition, experts in the financial industry praise its industry. Lang Xianping once explained the reasons for the popularity of Internet Finance in the program "financial Lang Yan". More industry experts assert that Internet finance will catch up with and surpass the bank status in the future, and it is not far away to realize the national Internet financial management

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